To many of us, the current crisis has hit hard like a tidal wave, placing many of us in uncharted waters. We are living in a time of great change and as with any major adjustment, we are navigating through a period of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty before we regain our balance. 

It’s clear why we’re stressed. We, as humans, are social animals. A global lockdown is not our natural habitat. Some have called it the greatest psychological experiment the world has ever seen – and we agree. Locked down with little social closeness, filled with concern for our loved ones, uncertainty about our jobs and our future… and of course… glued to our smartphones that seem to never miss a negative headline. None of this is healthy.

We compare times like these to being thrown overboard without a life-raft. The first thing we do is panic. And when we panic, we stop thinking clearly. We splash around and make unnecessary moves that only hinder our chances of survival. What we’re missing is clarity of the mind – something that can help us regain focus and get out of panic mode so that we can finally restore rationality and control over our decisions.

This is what we’re here to give you! We’re happy to announce that from today and until the 31st of July 2020, we’re making Synctuition completely free of charge for everyone in the UK. All you need to do is download the app, sign up for free, and start using it.

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What is Synctuition?

Developed over the past 10 years in Estonia, a country well known for being an innovation hub, Synctuition is a unique mindfulness relaxation experience technology. As the first in the world to combine the amazing power of 3D sound in an audio relaxation programme, Synctuition goes far beyond meditative relaxation providing an immersive mind travel experience that cannot be compared to any other mindfulness product in the world.

Synctuition brings you over 100 special soothing audio journeys with 3D sound waves that stimulate brain activity, soothe the senses, and take your thoughts away from every day worries. Through a 25-minute relaxing session, it is possible to give your body a necessary “dose of new energy” by simply relaxing the body and the senses. The result is deep and high-quality sleep, which helps you to be prepared for the challenges of the new day.

Backed by 106 scientific studies, Synctuition has already reached millions of users all over the world. In fact, in May 2020, we became one of the top 3 most popular mindfulness apps in the United States.

But we’re not saying this to brag, it’s quite the opposite. We’re absolutely humbled by the number of emails we receive daily saying how big of an impact Synctuition has had on our listeners’ lives. These testimonies confirm how the application helps people reduce their stress levels, regain clarity of mind, increase positive thinking, and sleep better. After reading all these testimonies, the decision to give it away to people in a time of need came easily.

What’s Next?

While lockdown rules are being relaxed, the stress associated with the uncertainty of recovery remains. Countless scientific studies have shown that negativity and stress weaken the human immune system. This is why we are on a global mission to spread positivity. Right now, maintaining your mental health and achieving inner peace and balance is more important than ever.

At Synctuition, we believe that mental health is a global issue that we will continue to face for years to come. Now, more than ever, we must address it together. Urgently!

Aside from making the app free of charge in the UK, we decided to make the app free in 12 other countries all around the world. This is our mission: to help improve global mental health.

Planting the Seeds of Positivity

Raising awareness for mental health is a tall order and we can’t do it alone. You see, before even addressing mental health, we need to shift the global mindset from negativity to hope and positivity. And, this is exactly what we plan to do.

On June 24th of 2020 we encourage everyone to join our global call to make a kind, positive gesture to their friends, family, or a complete stranger. Find out more about our global initiative by visiting our 24 Hours of Positivity website. We also invite you to join the Facebook event.

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Our Mental Health

History has shown that when times get difficult, people tend to come together and support each other. We hope that our small but timely gesture will help as many people in the United Kingdom as possible to maintain their mental health and thrive in the uncertain times that lay ahead.

You too can help in our global mission. Simply share this blog, our app, and our message of positivity and hope with everyone you know. This way, we’ll build a much stronger and healthier world together.

When sharing, please use the hashtags #synctuition #24hPositivity #syncforpositivity

Stay positive!

The Synctuition Founders  

How To Use Synctuition?
  1. Download the application to your phone
  2. Sign up for a free account
  3. Put on Your headphones and start relaxing

The first 3 journeys are open right away. The next journeys will open one by one, 12 hours after you finished listening to the previous one.

Download Synctuition app now
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P.S The app will work for free for anyone who is physically present in UK who signs up for a free Synctuition account.