We spend about one third of our adult lives at work and yet, for billions of people across the world, the workplace is the biggest source of stress and unhappiness. At this very moment, one of your employees or colleagues might be thinking about quitting their current position. Perhaps they’re burned out, stressed, demotivated, or anxious about the future. Employees are the heart and muscle of every business. For this reason, taking care of their well-being is fundamental and can leave lasting, positive effects on your organization, especially during these troubled times. Synctuition offers the most effective way to take care of mental health at the workplace by providing deep relaxation, clarity of mind, and many more wonderful benefits. 

We live in a very competitive world in which work models are undergoing constant transformations. Due to the current health crisis, many industries are likely to be disrupted or go through turbulent times. Meanwhile, employees are holding to their dear jobs as the unemployment rates skyrocket. They are experiencing tremendous stress, pressure, and anxiety as the world’s economy slides into recession. 

In this landscape, the mental health of employees should be the top priority. Without optimal mental health, employees lack the resilience, motivation, and creativity to successfully overcome obstacles, which businesses need to survive and pivot. Employees, managers, and leaders alike need to ensure positive change by looking after the team’s well-being and making sure that no one is left behind.

Mental Health in the workplace should be promoted in order to deal with stress, burnout and lack of productivity.

Stress and Other Challenges Faced At Workplaces

If your company is going through a period of crisis and challenges at this very moment, it’s worth remembering that this is not the first time and will not be the last one. No matter the type of industry or the size of the business, every workplace faces internal and external challenges on a regular basis. And, though managing an external threat is something that mobilizes the team, it is the internal threat that often undermines the best of efforts. Here’s a look at the biggest challenges faced in modern workplaces:


Every employee, regardless of their position, will have felt work-related stress throughout their career. After all, any job can have stressful elements, even if the person loves and is good at what they do. One can experience pressure to meet a deadline, prepare a presentation, or attend a meeting, amongst others. Of course, the resulting stress is not always bad. A small dose of stress can motivate a person to work hard and help them accomplish excellent results.

However, stress is only good when we experience it briefly and momentarily. When an employee is constantly stressed out, they can develop mental and physical complications, which will ultimately impact their work and personal life. Some well-known consequences of long-term stress include:

  • Burnout
  • Anxiety, depression, and personality disorders. 
  • Heart disease, abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke.
  • Obesity and eating disorders. 

Every year, stress-related illnesses and a lack of productivity cost billions to economies across the world. Experts estimated that stress costs around 617 billion annually for the European Union. And, according to the American Institute of Stress, stress-related illness can cost an estimate of 300 billion dollars to the American economy.

Common mental health-related challenges include stress and exhaustion.

Dissatisfaction and lack of motivation

Constant stress is one of the major causes of dissatisfaction in the workplace. While some employees build the resilience needed to deal with stressful and complicated situations, others are more sensitive. As such, poor stress management can be discouraging for a person and make them associate the workplace with negative experiences. This is a very dangerous situation since dissatisfaction and pessimism is contagious. Ultimately, dissatisfaction translates into disengagement and neglect from duties and can create a toxic work environment. 

Loss of productivity

According to Gallup, over 70% of US employees are disengaged, costing companies up to 500 billion dollars every year. Globally, those numbers are even higher. Although it would be wonderful to keep productivity levels at 100% at all times, this is very challenging. It becomes even more challenging when employees fall ill or are dealing with harmful stress.


An employer has the responsibility of making sure that their employees are not overworked. Yet, exhaustion is hard to avoid. It is the business’ key employees who carry the main workload and help to carry the company through drastic transformations and challenging times. It is no wonder, then, that they are working harder and longer than necessary, which translates to mental and physical exhaustion.

The Stress of Working From Home: A Challenge for the New Times

No human being can help but worry about what the future will bring every once in a while. Nowadays, with the current health emergency caused by COVID-19, employees and employers alike are anxious about the future of their companies and positions. What’s more, many people have begun working from home. In this new and unfamiliar working environment, a number of complications arise such as communication issues, interruptions from children, and distractions, amongst others. As a result, the situation becomes incredibly stressful.

While the working world adapts to a new normal and businesses work hard on improving their strategies, employees’ mental health should become a top priority. In order to go on and continue delivering outstanding results, the members of your business or organization need to feel like they are being looked after. After all, the ability to emerge victorious from the crisis depends on resilience, adaptability, strength, and, most importantly, teamwork.

The Solution: Mindfulness and Evening Relaxation

Being mindful means to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we are doing. “Aren’t people always mindful?” some may wonder. The answer is no. Under constant stress, what is going on around overwhelms us, makes us feel negative, and easily irritated. We worry about the obstacles that the future will bring and our lack of control over it. This is especially common in the workplace. Mindfulness brings us back to where we are and what we are doing, making it easier to concentrate and function at our full potential.

When we focus on the here and now and accept our thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations, we can better identify and control stress and anxiety. This has a wonderfully relaxing effect on both the mind and body. According to a recent studyrelaxing after work during the evening is excellent for stress management and the day-to-day recovery process. This happens because deep relaxation allows us to experience the rest and healing sleep we need to function at our best potential.

Another study looked at adults with sleeping problems. Half of them were taught meditation techniques that invited them to remain focused on the present. Meanwhile, the other half were given general advice on how to improve their sleeping habits. The amazing results proved that the group of meditators experienced less insomnia, depression, and fatigue by the end of six sessions. As a result of these and many other scientific studies, many experts recommend at least 20 minutes of deep relaxation per day.

Experts recommend at least 20 minutes of relaxation to promote excellent mental health at the workplace.

Synctuition: The Easiest Way to Relax and Be Mindful

Finding the best way to bring relaxation and mindfulness into the workplace can be difficult. Fortunately, Synctuition is here to help. Synctuition is the culmination of a decade of hard work by a select group of neurologists, psychologists, mindfulness experts, and sound engineers. Our team analyzed the latest and most relevant research on stress and audio therapy to isolate the sounds that work best to relax and fight the effects of stress and toxic thoughts.

Synctuition counts with 80 unique, magical sound journeys. Each journey holds a meaning that is derived from life such as love, memory, faith, or intuition. Some journeys will relax you, others will stimulate your mind, and some might even challenge you emotionally. They are grouped in 4 levels and each one is designed according to the steps you need to take in your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

Each journey contains:

  • 3D and ASMR sounds
  • Personalized voice frequency
  • Binaural beats
  • Gamma waves
  • Entrainment frequencies 

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Synctuition has many benefits and is an excellent tool for promoting optimal mental health at the workplace.

Benefits of Synctuition for Businesses

Less work-associated stress and tension 

When people remain fixated on problems without any break, they become increasingly stressed, tense, and anxious. In the long-term, this poses a major threat to mental and physical health. Synctuition offers its users a window of tranquility after a busy and challenging day. By providing deep relaxation and clarity of mind, our audio journeys help to dissolve negative and stressful thoughts associated with the workplace. 

Happier and more motivated teams

After an exhausting day at work, many people keep going back and forth to the problems left at the workplace. This difficulty to disconnect and enjoy free time is exhausting. Moreover, it leads to a lack of motivation and a general sense of unhappiness. Synctuition does not only provide deep relaxation, but also higher happiness levels. As many studies suggest, mindfulness helps us tap into our happiness chemicals — serotonin and endorphins. By giving Syncguigion to your employees or colleagues, you are providing them with an extra dose of motivation and happiness; the perfect formula to deliver outstanding results. 

More productivity in creative tasks

Stimulating creativity and imagination is not an easy task. This is particularly true when a team is under constant pressure. When listening to Synctuition’s sound journeys, users submerge themselves in a magical travel experience. Your imagination will power a relaxing and lucid dream, which feels just like a personalized movie. While this happens, the binaural beats and 3D sounds will stimulate your brain, giving you a greater capacity to use your imagination at will. 

Employee retention

Retaining key talent is essential for keeping productivity levels up. This is why creating effective retention strategies is one of the most important aspects of a business. In this day and age, effective management requires taking good care of employees’ well-being. By giving Synctuition to employees, businesses effectively demonstrate that they care about their team’s emotional and mental well-being, ensuring a more positive and productive work environment. 

Try It Today!

Motivated and productive employees are the heart of every successful business. Now, more than ever, employees should be taken care of to avoid burnout, stress, and dissatisfaction. Companies that work hard to take care of their people’s mental health create positive working environments, where motivated people are always looking forward to delivering excellent results. You can be one of these businesses by giving your team access to the wonderful benefits of mindfulness and evening relaxation with Synctuition. Claim 50% off to experience over 2000 minutes of relaxing beauty!