High blood pressure or hypertension affects 1 billion people worldwide. According to some estimates, it causes over 7 million deaths each year around 13% of the overall deaths across the world. Although the exact causes of high blood pressure remain unknown, experts agree that several factors play a role. Among such factors are genetics, lack of physical activity, and stress. 

Traditionally, high blood pressure is treated with pharmacologic therapy. Yet, some patients do not respond to this kind of therapy or are likely to experience side-effects. Decades of research have proven that the relaxation response — the physiological and psychological of the fight-or-flight response — can reduce blood pressure. You can achieve the relaxation response through relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation. 

With Synctuition, you can elicit the relaxation response by slowly calming your mind and body. The program’s mesmerizing sound journeys contain binaural beats and realistic 3D sounds from nature. As you listen through stereo headphones, the sounds will gently guide you towards a quiet and peaceful place away from the stress and negativity of every-day-life.