Among the many perks of meditation, there is the ability to change your brain in a physiological way. When you meditate, your brainwaves change from alpha and beta (alert) to gamma and delta (relaxed) waves. Clinical studies have demonstrated that your neurotransmitters serotonin, melatonin and endorphins increase rendering a host of health and relaxation benefits, enabling a deeper level of relaxation.

Another well-known fact is that meditation, in improving focus, enhances your ability to visualize. Visualization requires that one focuses on a picture or a process for a reasonably sustained period of time for it to become effective. Normally, most humans have a short concentration span, which makes difficult to visualize. Mediation enables you to visualize in a way that can benefit your health.

Visualization, assisted by Synctuition’s sound and brain changing binaural tracks, places the body and mind in the right setting to picture the healthy state we want to emulate.  When you are “in the zone” you trigger a state which professional refer to as ‘relaxation response’, often described as the diametric opposite of the fight or flight response.

The relaxation response has many health benefits: it lowers blood pressure and slows the heart and breathing rates. With those changes, there’s a shift in hormone levels that seems to produce beneficial effects on the immune system. Such increase defends the body of infectious disease.