Spring may be just around the corner. Yet, for most of us, these last few weeks of winter are the hardest time of the year. The further north you are, the less sunlight there is. As this wasn’t enough, the chilly weather and the abundance of infections make you feel truly down and with zero energy to spare. If this is your case, you’ve been hit by the infamous winter fatigue. 

Winter tiredness or fatigue is exactly what the name suggests — you are tired of all things winter, the snow, the short days, the diseases, and so on. You feel in your body and in your mind. As a result, finding the motivation to complete your tasks or even roll out of bed becomes a huge challenge.

Our 5 Tips to Handle Winter Fatigue

But fear not! There are several ways to get that spring feeling a bit earlier and bolster your resistance to the remains of the cold season.

1) Get out of the house

Our natural tendency is to go into a sort of hibernation during winter, especially during the final months. Plans to get more exercise, live healthier and explore new places are put on hold until spring, leaving many people in suspended animation. The key is to force yourself to go and do stuff in nature. One of the great survival techniques you’ll find amongst people who live in really cold areas is the fact that they carry on with their daily lives as normal despite the weather. Once you get some momentum going, it becomes easier, we promise.

2) Take up a winter hobby

There are many things that work best in really cold weather so why not start doing some of them to pass the time. Try ice skating or skiing or, if you’re not the physical type, try your hand at ice sculpture. The key is to start being active. Once your body gets over its initial resistance you’ll be surprised at how invigorating and energizing cold-weather activities can be.

3) Reconnect with your inner child

An evening spent with friends or family playing board games or building an intricate puzzle is a great bonding experience and the type of slow pleasure we often overlook as adults. Put away the digital devices and take time to really connect with others. Happy people tend to have more energy and this type of close, intimate bonding is a true happiness boost.

4) Get some Vitamin D

Vitamin D or “sunshine vitamin” is produced in your skin in response to sunlight. Vitamin D boosts your immune system, fights depression and even helps with weight loss. The lack of this key vitamin is closely tied to the prevalence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) in people who live in places that have serious sunlight shortage in winter. You might invest in some good Vitamin D supplements or consult with your doctor about the best course of action.

5) Meditate

Meditation has been linked to several benefits such as greater motivation, clarity of mind, and happiness amongst others. Although meditative practices might not eliminate the winter blues completely, they can certainly make a positive difference. When you are feeling down and mentally drained, meditation helps you to relieve the anxiety and frustration about the fatigue. The wonder of meditation is that it allows you to refocus your attention on what truly matters. What’s more, it gives you a motivation boost to carry on with your routines.

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