Synctuition continues on track to become the most advanced sound meditation and MindSpa program in the world. The key? Three-dimensional sounds. By teaming up with haptic technology pioneers, Woojer, Synctuition seeks to deliver a superior level of immersion. 

Studies show that sounds from nature, certain instruments, and our own voices are capable of inducing a deep state of relaxation. Synctuition’s team of musicians, sound engineers, and expert meditators worked extensively for over a decade to capture the sounds that calm the mind and facilitate deep meditation. The result was over 100 sound journeys able to ease stress, promote better sleep, and increase mindfulness amongst other benefits. Now, Synctuition adds another dimension to its sound journeys — tactic sensation. 

In an exclusive deal, Synctuition has partnered with experts in the field of haptic technology, Woojer. Can you reproduce the rich emotion of sound? This is what haptic technology is all about as it creates an experience of touch by gently applying vibrations or motions. By using Woojer’s revolutionary Vest and Strap, Synctuition’s meditators will fully immerse themselves in the 3D soundscapes. Both gadgets deliver accurate and detailed sensations, allowing users to feel the intensity of sound. 

3D sound meets 3D touch 

Woojer’s innovative technology will amplify the MindSpa meditation experience, which is something the companies’ founders are looking forward to. “What we were able to achieve by optimizing these sounds for Woojer’s technology is push the magical Synctuition experience even further, by making the listener feel like they are re-living the experience in real-time,” says co-founder of Synctuition Michael Burich. “When paired with the spectacular audio journeys of Synctuition, we came up with what we feel is almost a new category of entertainment.”

Kfir Bar Levav, Woojer’s CEO, added that “the physical sensation of Woojer’s high fidelity haptics is ideal to enhance the Synctuition’s 3D experience. The combination of these two unique technologies delivers an unmatched real-life full-body immersive adventure.”

Despite the pandemic, both companies experienced significant growth and continue to innovate in their respective fields. Now, by bringing the meditation journeys to life, Synctuition and Woojer are determined to revolutionize wellness. In times of stress and uncertainty, this unprecedented experience could make a positive impact during times of stress and uncertainty. 

Relax in a matter of minutes and dive deep into an unparalleled meditative experience by accessing the first and only virtual MindSpa.