Every day, at Synctuition, we strive towards excellence. Our vision is to make the world a better and more positive place by providing everyone with an unparalleled tool for optimal mental health. We are very proud to say that our enduring determination has earned us the title of Gold Winner in the category of Products & Services for Healthcare in the IT World Awards’ 2020 edition. 

The IT World Awards recognizes the most remarkable achievements in the information technology industry. Celebrated every year, the program has several sections making it the most complete and only IT recognitions award program in the world. In its 15th edition, Synctuition was chosen as the Gold Winner, the highest distinction, amongst hundreds of products and services for healthcare. 

It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized as one of the very best services for better healthcare. Earlier this year, Synctuition achieved another impressive milestone: reaching a spot amongst the top 3 mindfulness apps in the United States. Such accomplishments would not be possible without the dedication and passion of our amazing team. And, of course, the enormous support and love from the members of the Synctuition community all around the world. 

We understand that the road to greatness is long and always under construction. Yet, our team looks forward to making the most out of the journey ahead of us. We will continue working consistently to take the Synctuition experience to new heights. 

Planting the First Seeds of Positivity

More than a meditation program, Synctuition aims to plant the first seeds of positivity. We will achieve this by making mental health and spiritual wellbeing more accessible for anyone regardless of age or location. To achieve our goal, we teamed up with neurologists, sound engineers, expert meditators, and psychologists to develop a tool like no other — the best and only virtual mind spa. Today, Synctuition’s premium program offers over 100 beautiful 3D audio journeys. Each journey promotes clarity of mind, better sleep, deep relaxation, motivation, and increased happiness. 

Join millions of happy users all around the world on an unforgettable journey towards inner balance and self-discovery.