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Celebrating achievements is one of the most wonderful and important things in life. Not only does this induce happiness instantly, but it also fuels motivation to keep pushing forward. The Synctuition team enjoys celebrating every milestone, no matter how big or small. And today, we have a reason to celebrate! Users have listened to Synctuition’s sound journeys for over 100 million minutes. This means more than 2 million hours and 90.000 days! 

Most people love setting goals and resolutions. There is something so appealing about the idea of achieving our deepest wishes through hard work and dedication. But celebrating our big and small victories is just as important. After all, this is a powerful motivator and happiness booster. Today, we want to share our most recent milestone — Synctuition’s journeys have been listened to for over 100 million minutes. 

More than a number, this proves that our program is making a positive impact around the world. This is the result of over a decade of work by a select group of sound engineers and wellness experts who wished to help others take care of themselves through the latest meditation technology. To see how far our program has come since the early days is immensely rewarding and inspires us to keep moving forward. 

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We keep moving forward 

Our mission is to make positivity and mental health accessible for everyone. That’s why our program is available in over 223 locations worldwide and why we teamed up with Viber to help you cultivate a positive mindset. Every day, our beloved meditators listen to our program’s sound journeys to reduce stress, improve sleep, boost positivity, and achieve a deep meditative state. We couldn’t be more grateful for your support and commitment! 

Now, this victory inspires of to aim even higher and deliver even more mesmerizing sound journeys. But celebrating this success is not just about us. We want to give our beloved users, the ones who made all of this possible, a chance to join in with our celebration. Think about the successes you have accomplished at work or in your personal life. Share your story and motivate others to reach their own goals! 

Having trouble remembering your accomplishments or finding motivation? Listen to our immersive sound journeys with 3D sounds and binaural beats. Relax, clear your mind and connect with your inner self.