So what inspired us to create ThankU?

It was a little trip that we took to Africa where we met one very special boy.

Thank You, Maurice

We had just onesimple goal

We had just one simple goal when we came up with the idea for Synctuition. That idea was making people happy or at least much happier than they currently were.

Synctuition is about opening people’s most precious gift, the gift of their intuition. You see, you may have never thought about it but intuition isn’t just another feeling. Intuition literally defines the quality and happiness of your everyday life.

ThankU hand

You should give more than you get

As we were developing Synctuition, what we noticed was that so many people are out there living out their dreams while so many others are stuck in a daily routine, filled with hard work, obstacles and with no real glimpse of hope in sight. That didn’t sit right with us and call us naive, but we thought we can do something about it. So we did.

Our motto was always that you should give more than you get and together with your help, our beloved listeners, we are going to give back in a big way. You see, if you ever experienced giving back in the right way, then you know that there is hardly a feeling out there that can bring you more satisfaction.

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ThankU dandelion
We say with your help because by the simple act of joining Synctuition, you will be helping our movement.

So THANK YOU for helping us support those of us who need it most.

Meaningful Thank you

Thank you is a phrase a lot of us hear every day, but have you ever had to experience the kind of “thank you” that brought tears to your eyes? The kind of thank you that is said in the purest and sincerest way from a person whom you’ve just helped in a meaningful way. That is the kind of THANK YOU that once you receive, you will never forget. It is no longer a phrase, it is the symbol of hope and a better tomorrow.

This is the exact reason why we chose to call our charity ThankU.

ThankU flowers
ThankU palms


ThankU is an integral part of the Synctuition program. Its goal is to make people around the world happier but especially concentrating on helping the people who may need this help the most.

With every purchase of Synctuition, you automatically become a contributor to the charity.

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If you’d like to volunteer to help us with our charity efforts, please contact us on charity@synctuition.com

The Synctuition Team