The ultimate program for deep relaxation

  • Healthy Mind
  • Better Sleep
  • Well-Being

Why is it important to relax in the evening?

  • Prepare your mind for sweet dreams
  • Wash away your daily problems and worries
  • Keep your mind healthy and young

Clear your mind from

  • Negativity
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

Unique meditation experience

25 minutes of Synctuition has the same effect as 4 hours of deep meditation



Binaural beats
gamma waves


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People love Synctuition

Over 150 000 five star reviews

Matt Belair


“Synctuition is a truly remarkable experience. As a long time meditator I learned the hard way to quiet my mind and go deep. Now, with Synctuition I enter a space between deep meditation and lucid dreaming. For a first time meditator it cuts out all the hard work and allows you to entrain the brain to enter the states of consciousness you are seeking with meditation without the confusion or hard work! I recommend it 100% to both beginners and advanced meditators.”


Natalie Burn


“Us actors live and die by the roles we choose to play. Every actor has his own method of choosing scripts and studying for their parts but what works for me is just being in the right state of mind. There are days where I read scripts and nothing jumps off the page for me, the words seem dull and uninteresting. Other days I can literally picture vivid images and can almost see how the movie will look like before even shooting a scene….”


Doron Libshtein


“As someone who has made it his life’s mission to bring personal growth to the masses, I absolutely love Synctuition and recommend it very highly. Meditation is of vital importance in every aspect of our lives, and Synctuition makes it easy and extremely enjoyable for absolutely anyone to meditate, no matter how busy or hectic their lives are. Simply put, this is the best meditation tool on the market and a must-have for anyone interested in mindfulness.”


Micheal Bledsoe


“When Synctuition was brought to me by a friend I though it would be just another binaural beats app I might “kinda notice”. I was completely wrong and pleasantly surprised to find that Synctuition is able to transport me to a whole other world. Calms my mind, connects me to me, and creates peace and clarity. This tool has been amazing for me to use before bed. I fall asleep quickly, fall into a deep sleep, and wake up ready to conquer the day. Not only is it highly effective but extremely enjoyable. Nothing better than a journey before I drift off to dreamland.”


The Book


Learn how to clear yourself from any negativity and achieve clarity of the mind