Michal Nave

The most relaxing experience I can think of before going to bed

From the first track I knew that I’m listening to something I have never experienced before! You can really feel the quality and the attention that were put into the product right away. Every track invites you to a journey into yourself, and really allows you to see your life from a new perspective. I feel more focused and calm when listening to the journeys as part of my daily routine. It is the most relaxing experience I can think of before going to bed.

Micheal Navel
Sign Language Master

Synctuition makes meditation easy and extremely enjoyable for absolutely anyone

As someone who has made it his life’s mission to bring personal growth to the masses, I absolutely love Synctuition and recommend it very highly. Meditation is of vital importance in every aspect of our lives, and Synctuition makes it easy and extremely enjoyable for absolutely anyone to meditate, no matter how busy or hectic their lives are. Simply put, this is the best meditation tool on the market and a must-have for anyone interested in mindfulness.

Doron Libshtein
Founder – The Mentors Channel
Michael Bledsoe

Synctuition is able to transport me to a whole other world

When Synctuition was brought to me by a friend I though it would be just another binaural beats app I might “kinda notice”. I was completely wrong and pleasantly surprised to find that Synctuition is able to transport me to a whole other world. Calms my mind, connects me to me, and creates peace and clarity. This tool has been amazing for me to use before bed. I fall asleep quickly, fall into a deep sleep, and wake up ready to conquer the day. Not only is it highly effective but extremely enjoyable. Nothing better than a journey before I drift off to dreamland.

Micheal Bledsoe
Host at Barbell Shrugged
Martin Saar

Synctuition made me fall in love with my art

Recently I discovered Synctuition and listened to while creating my latest work. I can’t compliment you enough on the amount of creative energy these journeys give me.

Martin Saar
Jaan Kotli

Synctuition calls the mind to the present moment

I have years of experience with yoga and meditation, yet it can still be challenging to calm a very active mind – especially after an intensive day of work. The multi-layered soundscapes of Synctuition that are supported by gamma-wave binaural beats and rhythmic entrainment patterns create an environment that calls the mind to the present moment, so even when my mind was overly active after an intensive day of work it took only 10 minutes of listening to Synctuition that I found myself in a deeply meditative state, completely relaxed and listening. I have found Synctuition to be especially supportive in two aspects – meditation and creative work-flow. Sometimes I like to go into deep meditative states of being – awareness focused, listening in the present moment, noticing the silent movements in the body, relaxing and diving deep into the awareness of being in the present, in the body. This is deeply calming and invigorating at the same time for me. Many of the tracks provided by Synctuition provoke vivid and active dreaming to take place which really pleases my inner child. The same aspect is really amazing when coupled with creative work – listening to Synctuition as background music while working on something creates such a pleasant and easy-going work-flow that this is best experienced and not described in words.

Jaan Kotli

My brain is in focus like during an exam

I’ve tested and used a range of meditation and brain activation programs over the years. When I discovered Synctuition, I immediately realized that I had stumbled upon something on a completely different level. It is not just a classical guided meditation product, but rather a completely unique and natural 3D audio technology, which is done at an incredible artistic level with binaural beats and gamma frequencies.
As a user, I’m really excited about the practical results I’ve experienced. All 60 journeys bring out a range of different memories and emotions. Sleep is very refreshing, and in the morning I am alert and active to start the day, and this incredibly energetic state lasts well into the evening. I have also noticed that my afternoon drowsiness is gone (though it took me around five weeks to get there). I have not felt such a creative fervor for years – my brain is in focus like during an exam, and during social interaction, I feel like a mind reader.

Aivar Haller
Motivational speaker

Synctuition became as much of my daily routine as exercising itself

I work out a lot because I enjoy having a healthy body but also because it’s a great avenue for me to escape from the daily routine. While I like to listen to really energetic music while working out, I also take some time off after training to rest from the hard work out. My wife introduced me to Synctuition and I found it to be just the right thing to help me fully relax. Now after every work out I tend to put on my headphones and zone out for about 20 minutes. These tracks help me achieve complete serenity. They help me recover from the heavy workout and set my mind right for the rest of the day. Synctuition became as much of my daily routine as exercising itself.

Taavi Koovit
Classic Bodybuilding World Champion
Uku Suviste

Synctuition helped me to be even more creative in my craft

Synctuition was recommended to me by a friend and I was very surprised to learn how awesome it sounds. Not only are the sounds delivered in high-quality 3D, but each track has musical performances and sounds which were recorded live especially for this project. As a musician, I really appreciated the amount of creativity that was put behind each track to make it sound bigger than life. I found myself being able to shut off from my surroundings and immersing fully into the world of Synctuition which helped me to be even more creative in my craft.

Uku Suviste
Bernadette Logue

Very interesting, relaxing, surprising, mysterious and enjoyable!

Incredibly high quality sound experience. Beautifully done! So clever! At first I was anticipating a meditation experience and wasn’t sure how that would integrate with the intuition training of the brain, so some tracks were super relaxing, and others were surprising when unexpected noises arose. I had read about this in the information before I started, so it made sense. Then once I got prepared for unexpected noises to happen, it was very interesting, relaxing, surprising, mysterious and enjoyable! I really like how it’s an overall sound experience and journey, and anticipating what might be happening next. Amazing!

Bernadette Logue
Transformational Life Coach
Kati Sillang

Synctuition lit a fire in me I haven’t felt in a while

I’m a stay at home mom of two kids and I don’t exaggerate when I say that sometimes my days are just overwhelming. My days start with getting the kids ready for school and my husband ready for work. I cook, I iron, I clean, I do shopping for week, make sure my kids get to all their trainings on time, I help them with homework, make dinner and try to be a loving wife all the same time. I love my life but sometimes I wished I’d had something that would help me take my mind off things when I don’t really have the time for cooking or dancing classes.
I found Synctuition and it lit a fire in me I haven’t felt in a while. Synctuition consists of musical journeys, each with pleasant philosophical messages and incredible sounds. The best part is all I need is 20 minutes a day to enjoy it and it really excites me and makes me feel fresh. For some reason after every listen I feel like I’ve learned something and it fills in void in my life that makes me be an ever better mom and wife to the dearest people in my life.

Kati Sillang

I was overwhelmed by a sense of harmony and inner peace

As a therapist, I am fortunate in my profession to help a lot of people so they’d feel happy and stay healthy. This started out as a hobby through a desire to help, but eventually turned out to be my life’s calling. I am very pleased that I came across Synctuition, which is something I truly believe to be of great benefit to many people. When I first put on my headphones and got myself immersed into the charming and enchanting soundscape of Synctuition, I was overwhelmed by a sense of harmony and inner peace that I have only experienced through deep meditation. After 20 minutes of listening I was saturated with happiness and energy. I sincerely recommend Synctuition for both advanced meditators as well as beginners, who wish to seek out their inner balance.

Roman Goldrin

My energy and happiness levels have skyrocketed

I have started using Synctuition every evening after my workout as part of my relaxation routine and I gotta say that, once you get used to it, it is simply mindblowing. At first it was a bit weird, as the binaural beats and gamma waves really give your brain a workout and, like any muscle, it takes time to get it working to its full potential. Now I wake up feeling more rested than ever before and my energy and happiness levels have skyrocketed. I am amazed at how quickly Synctuition became a habit I can’t do without. The 25 minutes I spend listening to it every day leave me feeling like I can take on the world!

Elliott Hulse
Fitness & Strength Coach
Kim Saeed

I enjoy Synctuition meditations for their unparalleled relaxation benefits

As a recovery and transformation coach for people who are healing from toxic relationships, I’m no stranger to binaurals and guided meditations. I’ve personally been doing them for years, but when a colleague recommended Synctuition I was immediately hooked. My creativity and energy levels have soared and I’m embarking on new projects that intimidated me in the past. Though scientific studies have shown the life-changing benefits of guided meditations, many people are still skeptical and consider them to be metaphysical ‘woo’. The fact that Synctuition meditations were developed in cooperation with psychologists and neurologists should put those reservations to rest. I enjoy Synctuition meditations for their realistic 3D sounds and unparalleled relaxation benefits, but the thing that impresses me most is how Synctuition uses your own personal voice frequency in your personalized meditations, because the frequency of your own voice is something that resonates very smoothly with your subconscious mind. This is essential for my followers because addressing the subconscious mind is how we heal emotional trauma. I am delighted to have found Synctuition. I look forward to more enlightenment, spirituality, and abundance in all its forms as I progress through my Synctuition journeys.

Kim Saeed
Recovery and Transformation Coach

This thing has a vibe I can’t describe

Us actors live and die by the roles we choose to play. Every actor has his own method of choosing scripts and studying for their parts but what works for me is just being in the right state of mind. There are days where I read scripts and nothing jumps off the page for me, the words seem dull and uninteresting. Other days I can literally picture vivid images and can almost see how the movie will look like before even shooting a scene. Im sure I’ve read some great script on my bad days and ended up skipping some outstanding parts. When I discovered the amazing journeys of the Synctuition program, I was totally hooked. I don’t know if it’s the 3d sounds, or how epic it sounds all together but the journey’s always put me in the right mood for reading scripts and working on my parts. This thing has a vibe I can’t describe but it sure gives me what I need. I let some of my friends on the set in on the secret and pretty much all of us now use it regularly. Thanks guys.

Natalie Burn
Joonas Saks

The quality of sound that makes you fall in love

There are two things that weigh on me every day of my life, one being stress the other decision making. I used to try different methods to try and make them more manageable but nothing I found was really doing the job. I started working out which really helped me reduce stress but it wasn’t doing much for me creatively so I still had the pain of making difficult decisions on a daily basis. That may explain why I was so skeptical when I read about Synctuition but 2 months into the program, it’s safe to say that this product is a real miracle worker. I’m baffled at how much more balanced my life became with using Synctuition only 25 minutes a day. I feel a level of energy and creativity I haven’t felt in years. I just hope my competitors never find out about this.

Joonas Saks
Entrepreneur, lecturer, coach
Angela Artemis

Your intuition will dramatically improve!

As a trained meditation instructor and a meditator for over 30 years, I can attest to the fact that the unique variety of the Synctuition recordings help you to quickly create a habit of daily listening. For many people one of the biggest stumbling blocks to daily meditation is actually just sitting down and doing it. But Synctuition puts an end to resistance around meditating, whether it’s just making the time to do it or difficulty focusing. The variety and soothing quality of the sound experience of the Synctuition recordings will make it 25 minutes that you will look forward to each day. And building a solid habit of daily focused relaxation and “listening” is THE most important part of improving your intuition. If you don’t train your ear to “hear” your intuition you will miss many flashes of intuitive wisdom in your life. Listen to the Synctuition recordings and I’m certain you’ll be hooked just like I was and your intuition will dramatically improve!

Angela Artemis
Intuitive Strategist & Mentor