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If you read books about cultivating successful habits like “7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey or even “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, the two principles underlying the list of things to practice, stand out:

Achieving success is a habit, based on effective habits.

These habits are based on moving from a reactive to a proactive mode of behaving – it’s not an outside-to-inside movement, it’s an inside-out way of operating.

The Unspoken, Unwritten Rule

Relying primarily on your inner resources first. The stuff of ideas and intuition… following your gut and being proactive about your behavior thereafter. That first step, following your intuition, is what many of us have the biggest problem with. We can all follow the script – our habits or “gut feel” – once it’s there. But, recognizing that gut instinct in a way that our cognitive brain acknowledges, is key.

What they don’t tell you in much of the literature on success and cultivating winning habits, is where the instinct originates, only the resulting value of acting on it. It is the basis of winning end results, but where does the impetus originate, to begin with?

It originates in the subconscious and deeper pre-cognitive places in our brain and emerges as intuition. That feeling that this is the right thing to do. Knowing, without knowing, that you are going to achieve the best result if you follow a certain action.

How the Right Habits Breed Success

Reading is one of those habits mentioned in several of the ‘habits of successful people’ lists.

What are the books that the world’s successful people read? One of the striking things about the books the winning set read is that they almost always include autobiographies and biographies of “successful people”. Accomplished people surround themselves with input from other accomplished people.

But the principle behind the act of reading is that it introduces and ‘encodes’ certain information in the brain, by repetition and practice, even if it is a practice primarily in thought or imagination. What we learn is to recognize the blueprint or the plan, but the recognition, deeply encoded in your brain is what you may need help with.

In a study conducted by  Johannes Friedrich and Máté Lengyel in 2016, titled ” Goal-Directed decision making with spiking neurons” they examine how recollection and familiarity create “recognition”.

“The present study examines theta- and gamma-oscillations within a dual-process framework, which defines “familiarity” and “recollection” as the two-component processes of recognition memory.” …Our results thus offer the first biologically realistic account for complex goal-directed decision-making at a computational, algorithmic, and implementational level.

Recognition of the actions that lead to success can be learned. This recognition, however, needs to be trained before we can follow the blueprint. Learning the road to success creates the right neural networks and when you recognize you can act on it, leading to more favorable outcomes.

Reinforcing Successful Behavior

Think and grow rich, says it all. It starts with thinking about it. But before thought, how do we train our instincts and intuition to recognize the prize pathway?

This is where the Synctuition program and training can help.

Synctuition Can Help You in the Following Ways :

  • Improves the quality of sleep through total relaxation, allowing your brain to knit together and entrain neural networks.
  • Increases serotonin and endorphin levels keeping you in the right frame of mind.  After all, success is a feeling.
  • Develops your intuition to train your inner guide and trains you to recognize that inner voice.
  • Drags you away from the usual stress we accumulate during the course of every day. Relaxation is so important in keeping the brain and mind agile and able to focus.

As you sharpen the skills of recognition on a deep, neural level, you recognize faster and when that recognition presents itself as a flash decision, you are indeed acting on intuition.

Start working on your intuition today – visit Synctuition and begin a journey to the self.