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The Law of Attraction is the universal law that dictates that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life experiences, and negative thoughts are magnets for negative life experiences.  Staying focused on the good and positive things in your life will automatically attract even more good and positive things.

As easy as it sounds, many people are unable to see the effects of the law of attraction. The difficulty lies in the control of thoughts. Over 90% of the information we receive daily is actually toxic for our minds. This toxic information comes in the form of bad news, negative energy and stressful situations. In addition, we have around 70 000 thoughts per day, making it almost impossible to control the direction of our thinking.

The key to see the positive effect of the law of attraction in our lives is preparing your mind before the most important part of your daily rhythm – sleeping. Scientists have proven that the brain is very active during sleep as it processes the avalanche of information received during the day.  Memories are transferred to deeper brain regions for long-term storage. The brain’s cortex must free up space so that it can continue to learn new information.

One of the best ways is to create a protective layer of positivity between your day and your sleep is Synctuition.  With a groundbreaking combination of binaural beats, gamma waves, three-dimensional soundscapes, and audio therapy, Synctuition is the most relaxing, mind-expanding experience you will ever have.

Every 25 minutes spent listening to Synctuition gives you the equivalent of four hours of deep meditation, acting like a spa treatment for your mind and washing away the day’s stress and negativity.