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Mindfulness isn’t something you can place in your offices like a coffee machine or couch. Sure, there are stress balls on every desk and you even have a masseuse visiting the office once a week. You pride yourself on having a progressive, modern workplace where people are encouraged to be relaxed and keep stress down.

Yet, when you look at your absentee record, people are still taking long periods off work due to stress-related illnesses Your staff turnover and exit interviews point to a stressful environment as one of the key reasons behind this.

Let’s face it. Some jobs are stressful, and there’s very little you can do to mitigate this. What you can do, is help your employees deal with stress, manage it and find ways to minimize its effects on their mental and physical well-being.

But, how do you do this? Do you pay for therapist visits? Spa days? You could, but you’d most likely bankrupt your business within a few months.

What you need is a solution that doesn’t require any special tools or premises. One that can be conducted in an office environment without disrupting others or minimizing its own effectiveness.

You Need Synctuition

Synctuition works through stereo headphones by playing one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear. Our brains, being beautifully complex things, naturally create a third frequency. This third frequency is called a binaural beat. In essence, it stimulates the left and the right side of your brain to work together in synchronization in order to reconcile the different frequencies you hear through the headphones.

Scientific investigations show that the EEG readings obtained while a subject is meditating are comparable to those taken while he or she is listening to binaural beats, characterized by increased activity in the Alpha and Theta bands.

What this means, in layman’s terms, is that binaural beats are the most relaxing audio experience you can imagine – the feeling can be described as a gentle massage for your brain.

Synctuition’s immersive sound journeys are fully personalized so that you can easily give each of your employees a custom-made key to deep relaxation and stress relief, and it will only take between 20 and 30 minutes a day.

Why You Should Care About Your Employees’ Stress Levels

A study by the European Observatory of Working Life has shown that workers who are routinely subjected to stress suffer more often from back pain, digestive problems, and high blood pressure than those who are not under stress. The study goes on to list about 20 other conditions directly attributable to stress.

But where stress really hits your company is absenteeism. This costs you money for sick pay and to arrange cover for absent employees, disrupts your organizational flow, and generally hampers productivity.

A study on stress in the workplace conducted in the USA in 2000 concluded that:

  • 19% of people surveyed or almost one in five respondents had to quit a previous position because of job stress
  • 62% routinely find that they end the day with work-related neck pain
  • 44% reported stressed-out eyes
  • 38% complained of hurting hands
  • 34% reported difficulty in sleeping because they were too stressed-out
  • 12% had called in sick because of job stress

How do I Help?

By subsidizing or sponsoring your employees’ Synctuition subscriptions you can radically reduce stress in the workplace, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and generally improve the quality of the working environment.

And we haven’t even touched on the improved decision-making that follows their increased intuitive ability.

Why not try it for yourself before you decide? We have a free- no-strings trial waiting for you right now at