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Why is Synctuition so unique

Synctuition is the first binaural audio technology in the world that helps to increase intuition through unforgettable realistic 3-dimensional sound journeys into your mind that you experience through your 6 th sense.

Synctuition has been developed in cooperation with psychologists, neurologists, musicians, top sound engineers and meditation experts to mix 4 amazing technologies into a single soundwave to deliver you incredible results:


We call this wave the Synctuition Wave and we have created 60 mind blowing sound journeys based on this technology to take you to some of the world’s most sacred places to help you on your most important journey - the journey into your own self.

Gamma waves Binaural Beats Gamma Waves
Binaural Beats
Personal voice Personal voice
Entertainment Rythmic

100% Relaxation

We have all heard that “relaxation is good for you”. But good in what terms? In recent years, there have been several profound scientific studies showing conclusive and very specific benefits that a daily habit of relaxation can do for your health and work productivity.

Scientists all agree, that setting some time aside for yourself from your busy day is really the key to health and happiness.


In today’s stressful and hectic pace of life, where we are constantly exposed to a lot of negative stuff coming our way, it is vital that we find the time to take a break where our mind can absorb and process everything that is going on around us. Many people believe that sleep is enough to relax the body and the mind, but in reality sleep is not enough.


Millions of people around the world work on their spiritual growth through different physical and mental techniques – yoga and meditation among them. However, all of these methods require instruction and specialized guidance to perform properly. Through advanced technology, Synctuition has turned meditative relaxation into an easy process that everybody can do at home without prior training. Just press Play to start a journey to an unforgettable and relaxing 3D meditation experience.

With Synctuition You:

  • Intuitive awarenessImprove yourintuitive awareness
  • Less stressDramatically reduce yoursense of stress and anxiety
  • ConfidenceGreatly uplift your moodand feeling of happiness
  • SleepImprove your sleep,causing an increase in energy, productivity and better health
  • ConcentrationImprove concentration,creativity, better memory, alertness and responsiveness

So how does it work?

Synctuition works through stereo headphones* by playing one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear. This causes your brain to naturally create a third frequency, which exists only in your mind. This third frequency is called a binaural beat and it stimulates the left and the right side of your brain to work together in synchronization in order to reconcile the different frequencies you hear through the headphones.

Binaural beats are the most relaxing audio experience you can imagine – the feeling can be described as a gentle massage for your brain.

Binaural beats

Synctuition uses a patented combination of binaural beats and 3D sounds at just the right frequencies to immediately bring you to a pleasant meditative state that allows your imagination to take over and send you off to a ride of your life where you will have to use your intuition to guide you on your journey.

* Synctuition needs stereo headphones to work, because the binaural sound frequencies need to be delivered specifically into each ear to generate a specific, unified brain wave pattern.

Personalized for you

Personalized Specially for you

In order for you to be able to relax better while listening to the tracks, Synctuition mixes your own personal voice frequency into your Synctuition journeys, because the frequency of your own voice is something that resonates very smoothly with your unconscious mind.

Each person is different and Synctuition adds this uniqueness into your personal Synctuition Wave so that you can experience deeper relaxed meditative states where your imagination is free to look where it wants.


With an easy 10 second step of recording your voice before you begin the program, your voice will be specifically processed and added into each track as part of the Synctuition sound wave. Don’t worry, you won’t hear your voice in a way you can recognize, it will be encoded into the frequency.

Synctuition only takes about 25 minutes per day and as you start to listen you will soon find it to be a pleasant experience to look forward to, because every track simply makes you feel good. There are 60 one of a kind journeys for you to explore which will give you a lifetime of value.


Not only will Synctuition have a remarkable and almost immediate positive effect on your mind and body, you will find it to be an absolute blockbuster entertainment experience.

Listening to Synctuition takes your mind on an incredible audio journey which you experience through your 6th sense. As you close your eyes and listen through stereo headphones, Synctuition takes you to a 3-dimensional sound environment that makes you feel as if you are literally there. The way these journeys feel is an experience that is hard to describe in words.


The soundof bliss

The journeys begin with an angel like voice gently guiding you through the session and everything you are about to discover. Reinforcing this voice are the incredibly original musical backdrops which were recorded live with real instruments.

However, what takes this experience over the top are the vivid 3D sounds which were all recorded in different locations all over the world, designed to place you right in the middle of what you hear. For many of you, this will be the first time you will ever hear sounds come to life in such a realistic way.


Synctuition could easily be a sonic masterpiece on its own right, providing you with hours upon hours of relaxation. However, Synctuition is designed to be far more than that. Each Synctuition session has a general theme that you discover as you begin your journey.

The introductions at the beginning of each Synctuition track guide the mind to focus on one specific topic for the journey ahead, making each session a chance to reflect upon and work on the issues currently influencing your life. These journeys bring a wealth of emotional benefits and allow you to set time aside for yourself every day in order to get in touch with who you are on a truly deeper self-reflective level.

As you move forward in these guided journeys for the mind, you will soon discover a more confident side to yourself, which will open up when you start trusting your inner voice.

Can it really sound so good?

All of these journeys were specifically recorded in the most amazing locations around the world, capturing incredible sounds of life, nature and tranquility. The field recordings took over 10 long years to accomplish for creating the perfect result.

The journeys
The journeys include:
  • Exclusive recordingsExclusive recordings of natureand sounds from the world’s most diverse locations, all done specifically for this project
  • Nautral soundsNatural “everyday” soundswhich may seem so common, our ears don’t even pay attention to them anymore
  • Original musicOriginal musical recordings from incredibly talented musicians
  • 3D sounds3D soundsa technology you must hear to believe
  • Rhythmic entertainmentComputer-generatedrhythmic entrainment frequencies
  • Personal voiceYour own personal inner voice that is seamlessly mixed into the sound wave of each track
  • Guided meditationGuided meditation
  • Binaural Gamma waveBinaural Gamma wave

On their own, each of these elements are already state of the art, but a proper and professional combination of these elements resulted in an epic product. All of these elements were handed over to some of the world’s top sound engineers and music composers, who used their know-how to bring these sounds to life in ways we could not have imagined.

Their work resulted in a musical masterpiece, which we combined into a completely unique entertainment and relaxation program, consisting of 60 thematic and eye-opening sonic journeys. Each journey is a 25-minute track that guarantees you an unforgettable experience that will broaden your horizons and understanding of life.

Most importantly, as you relax and enjoy every minute of your spectacular journeys, the Synctuition Wave will always work in the background increasing and developing your sense of intuition.

Allow us to share some Incredible statistics

13,208 Unique and natural sounds were recorded and used within the Synctuition journeys
1943 Locations were used for recordings
105 Musicians created original music to be used for creating the musical backgrounds for the journeys
420,000 Minutes of field recordings conducted
1511 People involved in creating the Synctuition Wave
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Synctuition is the product of real musicians’ work. Every track was recorded in the studio and in the field with professional musicians specifically for the purpose of this project. As You listen through the tracks you will find that each journey is extremely rich in sound and vocals and each one is a complete experience on its own.

Simple to Use

Synctuition is as simple to use as pressing play. It works on all your devices and will not take more than 25 minutes of your day. Just as you plug your phone to recharge at night, we recommend you use Synctuition for 25 minutes before going to sleep to recharge and improve your brain.

You can listen to Synctuition through an online streaming player on this website or you can download a dedicated iOS or Android app to listen to the tracks offline on your mobile device. In order to use Synctuition, your computer or mobile device only needs to be able to play sound through stereo headphones.

Desktop computer

Desktop version

The Synctuition desktop experience is completely web-based and can be accessed through any modern browser. All you need is an internet connection.

Log in to your personal account and just click on the next track you want to play. The progress bar displays a graph of the audio wave, indicates the length of a session, and the current position within the listening session. If needed, you can pause the track at your convenience and continue where you left off.

Mobile version

You can listen to the Synctuition tracks offline on your mobile device! Download the Synctuition app and listen to your tracks on the go! The mobile apps offer a fully functional Synctuition experience on your iOS or Android device.

After you download Synctuition from Google Play or the Apple App Store, log in to your personal account within the app and simply press play.

Mobile device
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Headphones wire

So how to get started

Improving your intuition is a process like any other. Like any process, it needs to be taken step by step, or as we say level by level, with each level increasing in intensity. In order to get the full benefits of the program, it is recommended to go through all levels of Synctuition.

Our program is designed in three levels:
Level 1

The first level will introduce the program and take you through the first 20 incredibly unique journeys of Synctuition. Here you are introduced to the Synctuition Wave and your brain begins to feel the results of the positive stimulation created in the process. You will begin feeling a change in your life and you will begin noticing and reflecting on things you haven’t before. This is the beginning of your journey to a much happier life.

Level 2

At the second level, your brain is already receptive to the Synctuition Wave and its effects are a lot more obvious. The journeys on this level increase in intensity and you will begin feeling a lot more energy and the changes around you become more obvious. This level uses deeper 3D sounds and the journeys become even more vivid and memorable.

Level 3

Level 3 should help you master the skills required for achieving developed intuition. You will be illuminated to a whole new way of seeing life and finding solutions to problems will become easier than ever before. This is the most advanced level of Synctuition which can also be heard in the composition of the journeys. Mastering this level will mean mastering yourself and will mark your level of preparation to take your life to a new level.

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That is because the greatest gift you already have is your intuition. Synctuition is here to build on that great gift. Learning how to listen to your inner voice is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It is an investment that will keep on giving for the rest of your life. This gift will never expire!

We’re not even sure how anyone can put a price on that.
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