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The world’s First and Only MindSpa App for Less Stress More Happiness and Clarity of Mind

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  • Deep mind-body relaxation
  • Restful nights
  • Optimal wellbeing

Relaxing and finding time to take a deep breath can be challenging. Meditation is one of the most popular practices to bring inner balance and manage the negative effects of stress. But how can you meditate successfully? And how can you integrate these calm sessions into your busy schedule?

What is sound meditation?

Achieve a superior meditative state by listening to relaxing sounds of nature.

Traditionally, meditation is an excellent way to manage stress, take care of your mental health, and improve your overall well being. Of course, meditation is not always easy. Non-stopping chatter and outside distractions can make it hard to focus and relax.

Luckily, sound meditation makes everything easier. It aims to guide you into meditative states while you are immersed in ambient sounds and soothing melodies.

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“The 3D sounds are really out of this world, enchanting.”

Ellie M.

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Will sound meditation transform your life

Did you know that stress can harm your physical and mental health? Under constant stress, your mind is full of negative and anxious thoughts. As a result, you experience poor sleep, exhaustion, lack of motivation, drastic mood changes and inability to focus.

Sound meditation helps you successfully deal with stress and its negative effects. When you meditate regularly, you develop the mental resilience needed to cope with everyday challenges and stressors.

7 amazing benefits of meditation

How can Synctuition help you meditate?

At Synctuition, we are helping over 3 million users relax and develop optimal wellbeing.

As the world’s first and only MindSpa, we want to make meditation easy, fun, and accessible for everyone regardless of experience.

Listen to Synctuition’s soothing sound journeys and experience:

  • Deep relaxation: Synctuition’s sound journeys transport your mind to peaceful places away from stress and anxiety, facilitating mind-body relaxation.
  • Better sleep: The soothing sounds and gentle meditations prepare your mind for restful and healthy sleep. Wake up refreshed and energized!
  • Motivation: Get clarity of mind to focus on what truly matters and work towards fulfilling your goals.
  • Intuitive awareness: Synctuition clears your mind of negativity so you can listen to your inner voice and make important decisions.

Unparalleled sound technology

  • 10 years in the making: An intrepid team of over 150 musicians and sound engineers worked for over a decade to develop Synctuition. Together, they traveled to 2000 pristine locations all over the world. The result? More than 100 immersive and mesmerizing sound journeys, unlike anything you ever heard before. 
  • 3D and ASMR sounds: Synctiution integrates three-dimensional sounds from nature and ASMR into each journey. As you listen, you will experience relaxing sensations and positive feelings of well-being.
  • Binaural beats: Binaural beats are created when slightly different modified sounds are sent to each ear. This causes the brain to imagine a third sound to compensate for the difference, facilitating meditation.
  • Personalized voice frequency: Synctuition takes a short voice sample from you and converts it into a specially modified sound frequency to create a more familiar and warm listening experience. Don’t worry! You won’t hear your voice in a way you can recognize.

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The first mindfullness app to harness the power of 3D

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Download the Synctuition App to get the benefits of meditation and begin your journey of self-discovery!

“I never stayed long with a meditation program, but with this one I practiced every day. After a couple of weeks I was drawn to the meditation, similar when you work out regularly. The music makes the sessions much more engaging and time just flies by.”

“I find each listening journey to be of exceptional quality and the relaxational and meditative experience to be out of this world literally. I enjoy the effects of each new journey building upon the last as I look forward each day to a brand new meditation experience even more enjoyable perhaps than the last. I recommend the Synctuition app to anyone who would like to relax find additional peace and quiet.”

“I’ve only been using this app for about 4 weeks and already I am feeling and having experiences of not only deepening intuition, but a growing ability to trust and act on my intuition. I’ve also started to trust myself more and feel more confident, peaceful, compassionate and loving. I use it right before bed and again when I wake up.”