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How many thoughts do we get per day? Some have estimated that the number is somewhere between 20.000, 50.000, or even 70.000. It cannot be denied that, throughout the day, our mind conjures dozens, or even hundreds of images, sentences, impressions. Unfortunately, plenty of these thoughts are deeply negative and stressful. 

Experts believe that our brains are especially vulnerable to negative stimuli. This is known as the negative bias. Basically, when the brain perceives negative stimuli, it fires electrical activity. Thousands of years ago, our brain developed systems to help our ancestors flee from predators. Although useful for keeping us safe, this brain apparatus has a downside — it doesn’t fully switch off. 

This explains why we tend to fixate on our flaws and embarrassing experiences. This is also the reason why negative news and insults stay with us longer than compliments or positive reports. Unfortunately, negative thoughts are more than mere thoughts; they have a powerful impact on our behavior, decision-making, and relationships. 

If you feel you lack control over negative thoughts and you have difficulty focusing on the bright side of life, it’s time to take action. Experts believe that certain practices such as meditation, yoga, and relaxation exercises are the key to bring balance in our lives. At Synctuition, we have combined the best of mindfulness and high-end tech to help you distance yourself from disruptive and unnecessary thoughts. 

Gain control over your thoughts through beautiful sounds…

Synctuition’s sound journeys contain 3D nature sounds, ASMR sounds, binaural beats, and entrainment frequencies. As you listen, your mind will travel to a mesmerizing soundscape. This feels just like a relaxing and lucid dream, powered by your imagination. In this dream, you will experience nothing but positivity and tranquility. The more you engage with Synctuition’s sound journeys, the more you will be able to control those pessimistic thoughts that affect your well-being.