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Does intuitive awareness matter? One of humanity’s most brilliant minds, Albert Einstein, believed that intuition was “the only real valuable thing.” Einstein attributed his success to his intuition, famously saying “the intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” 

At Synctuition, we believe that intuition is a Gift waiting for the ideal moment to be opened. With our program, we aim to help people train their minds to open this wonderful gift. 

The Greatest Gift

You arrive in a place and you feel like something, somehow, is not right. Or, perhaps, you are thinking about a friend and, suddenly, you get a message from them. You might dismiss that “gut feeling” as irrational thinking or a mere conscience. Most of us have been taught that rational thinking should always dictate our decision-making. But what about this inner voice? Should it be totally dismissed? 

Intuition, the inner voice, or that “gut-feeling” is more powerful than you think. In simple terms, intuition is our ability to understand something instinctively, without any analytic thinking. It’s a sensation that appears quickly, without us being fully aware of why. Many believe that intuition is the bridge between reason and instinct; the unconscious and conscious mind. 

Countless thinkers, artists, inventors, and successful people of the likes of Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Steven Spielberg have acknowledged that intuition is critical to human success. It’s the key component to achieve our purposes. Sadly, many are uncomfortable with the idea of relying on instincts for guidance. Others believe that they simply are not intuitive at all. For this and other reasons, many people fail to develop their intuition beyond the most basic level. 

So how can we change this mindset? How can we acknowledge this part of ourselves and include it in our everyday lives? 

Develop your intuitive awareness with Synctuition 

Intuition lies in all of us. As with anything in life, if you stop using it, you might lose it. Your brain must think and a muscle must move. The same applies to your intuition. And, just like a muscle, you can train it every day so it becomes stronger and more effective. Synctuition is the ultimate program specially designed to help you tap into your intuitive mind through a combination of mindfulness meditation, binaural beats, and entrainment frequencies. 

Mindfulness meditation 

If you wish to successfully work with your intuition, you need two things: trust and the ability to listen to your intuitive voice. Trust is very simple — just embrace your intuition without fear of judgment. Learning to hear your intuitive thoughts is more challenging. Many people struggle with this because their minds are too full; full of negativity, worries, fears, and the stress and chaos of daily life. For example, painful experiences from the past can take over the mind. Similarly, worries about the future can cause stress and anxiety. So, even if your intuition sends you clear signals, fear and dark thoughts will block them. 

To deal with this chaos and let your tap into your intuitive awareness, you can train your mind with mindfulness meditation. When you are mindful, you are aware of negative thoughts and emotions that arise due to difficult situations. And you are able to react calmly when dealing with stress or anxiety. Meditation is one of the best methods to learn mindfulness. When you meditate, you focus on the “now” — where the intuition recedes. The more you practice mindfulness meditation, the more you develop the ability to remain in the present, to listen to the voice of intuition. 

Synctuition integrates mindfulness meditation techniques to each audio journey. 

Rhythmic entrainment

Efficient problem solving and decision making requires work when both the right and left side of the brain work together. In fact, the brain of Albert Einstein, a highly intuitive person, was discovered to have both halves of the brain deeply connected. Synctuition incorporates binaural beats in every audio journey to stimulate communication between these opposite sides. Binaural beats are created when slightly different modified sounds are sent to each ear. This causes the brain to imagine a third sound to compensate for the difference. 

Try a Synctuition audio journey to start developing your intuitive awareness today!