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Unique. One of a kind. Distinctive. Singular. When it comes to meditation and deep relaxation these words are thrown about far too easily. At Synctuition we are strong believers in letting the facts speak for themselves. After all, anyone can claim that their product is unique, but facts speak louder than mere claims. So let’s take a look at the elements that underpin the Synctuition experience and, when combined, make it a truly unique one.

Binaural beats and gamma waves

Synctuition works through stereo headphones by playing one frequency in your left ear, and a slightly modified frequency in your right ear. Our brains, magnificently complex instruments that they are, naturally create a third frequency. This third frequency is called a binaural beat and it stimulates the left and the right side of your brain to work together in synchronization.

Scientific investigations show that the EEG readings obtained while a subject is meditating are comparable to those taken while he or she is listening to binaural beats, characterized by increased activity in the Alpha and Theta bands. This basically means that binaural beats are the most relaxing audio experience you can imagine – the feeling can be described as a gentle massage for your brain.

Full personalization

We are all unique, so why would we want a one-size-fits-all meditation method? In order for you to better relax while listening, Synctuition mixes your own personal voice frequency into your sound journeys, because the frequency of your own voice resonates very smoothly with your unconscious mind. Its familiarity also creates feelings of comfort and safety.

Each person is different and Synctuition adds this uniqueness into your personal Synctuition Wave so that you can experience deeper meditative states where your imagination is free to explore and create. 

Original recordings

World-leading artists and recording specialists spent 10 years conducting field recordings to create Synctuition’s sound journeys. The recordings were then handed to some of the most innovative sound engineers in the world. They combined the following elements to create Synctuition’s journeys:

  • Exclusive recordings of nature and sounds from the world’s most diverse locations, all done specifically for this project.

  • Natural “every day” sounds that may seem so common that our ears don’t even pay attention to them anymore.

  • Original musical recordings from incredibly talented musicians.

  • Three-dimensional sounds.

  • Rhythmic entrainment frequencies.

  • Your own voice into the sound wave of each journey.

  • Guided meditation.

  • Binaural gamma wave.

In isolation, each of these elements represents something unique and special. But by expertly combining them, their full power becomes evident. As realized by some of the world’s top sound engineers and music composers, the result is a musical masterpiece and an unparalleled relaxation program.

And that’s not all! Each journey is a 25-minute track that guarantees you an unforgettable adventure that will broaden your horizons and understanding of life. Above all, as you relax and enjoy every minute of your spectacular journeys, the Synctuition Wave will always work in the background increasing and developing your sense of intuition.

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Ease of use

Certainly, there are many meditation techniques available out there, and many of them work brilliantly. However, they require one or more of the following elements:

Special training: Knowledge guarded and shared by experts, which takes a lot of time to attain.

An inflexible schedule: Many meditation practices require you to be at a specific venue at a set time.

Other people: Often, a teacher or guru leads a meditation session.

Synctuition is effective, fun, and made for everyone. You don’t need prior meditation experience, a mentor, nor hours and hours to benefit from it. All you need is a smartphone or computer, 25 minutes of your time, and a set of headphones.

The bottom line

So, there you have it. By using cutting-edge sound, recording techniques, and incorporating your individual voice frequency, Synctuition has created a totally unique way to increase your intuition, achieve deep relaxation and generally improve your mental wellbeing.