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How can you find a window of tranquility in a world that never stops? The answer is deep relaxation. A wide body of research reveals several activities that relax your body and mind whenever you need it most. Synctuition is a groundbreaking app that combines the best of those relaxing practices, including meditation, soothing music, ASMR sounds, and binaural beats to clear your mind of stress and negativity. For years, our team of experts worked hard to create this innovative relaxation program. Nowadays, Synctuition is one of the fastest mental health apps loved by over 3 million users. Here, we’ll dive into our history, special features, and many transformative benefits. Ready to welcome deep relaxation, mindfulness, and positivity into your life? Keep on reading below! 

Why Relaxation Should Be Part Of Your Routine

We live in a world that never stops. We wake up, deal with heavy traffic, work non-stop for around nine hours, and are under constant pressure to improve ourselves just for the sake of survival. By the end of the day, as evening approaches, we are exhausted and completely devoid of energy. Our inability to properly relax and manage stress takes a severe toll on our mental and physical health. Around the world, stress levels continue reaching higher and higher peaks every year. Research reveals that 55% of the American population experiences high levels of stress daily; 74% of UK adults felt unable to cope with life due to intense pressure; and, according to the CDC, 110 million people die every year globally as a direct result of stress.

To cope with everyday life and enjoy good health, experts recommend making relaxation part of your routine. For example, a recent study published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology states that relaxing after work during the evening is not only marvelous for stress relief but also for the day-to-day recovery process. This is because deep relaxation allows your body and mind to get the healing sleep needed to function at their 100% potential. 

Synctuition quotes: Paul Maccartney on Meditation

The study also found that activities such as yoga, breathing exercises, listening to music, and meditation are excellent to help us relax. At Synctuition we have worked consistently for years to offer you a one-of-a-kind evening relaxation experience that cannot be compared with anything else in the world. Combining the best of meditation, sound, and technology, Synctuition provides an immersive and deeply relaxing mind-travel experience. 

Our Story: How Synctuition Started 

A decade ago, a talented team of recording engineers from all around the world united to capture the most realistic and amazing natural sounds of their surroundings. Armed with the best 3D recording equipment, over 800 professionals — musicians, expert meditators, neurologists, and psychologists — started their mission. The results were outstanding: the sound recording project managed to capture 13 000 beautiful sounds from 1 200 unique and exotic locations around the world.

In early 2019, Synctuition launched its app; a revolutionary evening meditation program available at the speed of one click. We were thrilled to see that more than a million users downloaded the app during our first year, saying yes to relaxation and mindfulness.

The same year, Synctuition reached a spot among the top 50 best-selling health and fitness apps on the US Apple Appstore, above 37 000 competing apps. What’s more, Google chose Synctuition as one of the top 10 European fastest-growing companies in gaming and entertainment. Currently, we are proud to say:

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The Science Behind the Synctuition App

Synctuition’s team of experts worked for 10 years to create a binaural sound technology able to deliver audio exactly as it happens in real nature. The effect works when listening with regular stereo headphones wherever you are. Each audio contains 3D sounds, binaural beats, rhythmic entrainment frequencies, Gamma waves, personalized voice frequencies, and ASMR sounds.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them: 

3D Sounds 

When you listen to a Synctuition track, — the waves crashing against the sand, the birds singing, or the wind blowing — you are hearing sounds that are 100% authentic, making your brain react as if the audio stimulus is coming live from nature. The recordings also include instrumental sounds and vocal techniques to make your experience even more pleasant.

Synctuition has distilled the beautiful sound of nature into music. With a specially developed 3D recording technology, which allows the listener to enjoy a spatially accurate soundscape through normal stereo headphones, you are provided with the correct dimensional perception of the sound source in the recording field. The broad mechanism of 3D sound perception consists of two parts: the detection of timing differences between the ears as well as spectral differences between the ears.

Binaural beats

Binaural beats are an emerging type of soundwave therapy in which the right and left ears listen to two slightly different frequency tones. This allows the brain to produce a third, imaginary sound to compensate for the difference between the original two. In this way, binaural beats stimulate rapid and effective communication between the opposite sides of the brain. 

By being the perfect mix between audio technology and the ancient practice of meditation, binaural beats help you enter into the perfect meditative state of calmness and synchronicity with your inner self. Binaural beats range between 1 and 40 Hertz of frequency and have the power of creating the same brainwave pattern that you would experience while meditating traditionally. 

Chelo with Synctuition’s binaural beats waves

Each Synctuition track uses binaural beats in a very specific frequency range to synchronize the brain and relax the body. This magical frequency range is called Gamma(~40Hz)range. Only highly disciplined monks who practiced intense prayer for decades have shown the ability to naturally move their brainwaves into the Gamma range for an extended period. The Synctuition app helps you get there in a shorter time. 

Rhythmic entrainment frequencies  

The word “entrainment” refers to the tendency of independent systems to start moving in synchrony. Rhythmic entrainment is the tendency to sync up with the beat around us — when we listen to a song while moving our fingers to the rhythm or when our steps match the background beat around us.

An abundance of scientific research has revealed that specific sound rhythms and frequencies can relax the heart rate and decrease cortisol stress levels. Most recently, a study carried out by MindLab International discovered that listening to a particular song resulted in a striking 65% reduction in participants’ anxiety and a 35% reduction in their usual heart rate. 

Data also shows that carefully constructed rhythmic entrainment frequencies can enhance mental performance. This ultimately leads to improved learning and more efficient memory. The rhythmic entrainment frequencies found in Synctuiton’s audios facilitate stronger mental connections during listening by increasing neuronal responses in brain networks.

Gamma waves

Research draws attention to a strong correlation between transcendental mental states and gamma waves. A gamma wave is a pattern of neural oscillation with a frequency between 25 and 100 Hertz. Gamma oscillations are believed to enhance the interaction between cortical structures and the hippocampus for the encoding and retrieval of (episodic) memories.

Synctuition: monk meditation

Interestingly, only highly disciplined monks who have practiced intense prayer for decades have shown the ability to naturally move their brainwaves into the Gamma range. This particular range is associated with peak mental performance, spiritual awakening, and deep relaxation. Each Synctuition sound journey uses binaural beats in the Gamma frequency range to give you all the benefits of this advanced level of meditation during every listening.

Personalized voice frequency 

To better relax while listening, Synctuition takes a voice sample from you, mixes it, and converts it into a specially modified sound frequency. The frequency of your voice is something that resonates very smoothly with your subconscious mind. Its familiarity also creates feelings of comfort, safety, and relaxation.

ASMR sounds 

Have you ever felt extremely relaxed after watching a video or taking part in a specific activity? Many people describe this as a tingling sensation running through the back of their heads and spine, capable of relaxing them and helping them fall asleep. This is a phenomenon known as ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).

The Synctuition app contains carefully integrated ASMR.

ASMR works differently for everyone. Some people get the ASMR feeling from mundane tasks such as hair-brushing, soft writing, humming, or crinkling wrapping paper. For others, experiencing ASMR is more difficult.

Synctiution has ASMR sounds masterfully integrated into the journeys. As you listen, you will experience relaxing body sensations and feelings of overall well-being, making for an utterly pleasurable experience.

How To Use the Synctuition App

The efforts of our team resulted in thousands of exotic and beautiful sounds captured in mesmerizing 3D sound journeys, background music, and sound therapy tracks.

3 steps to use the Synctuition app

Step 1: Record your voice in just 10 secs

To use the Synctuition app, log in and record your voice as suggested. This way, Synctuition can embed your voice frequency into the audio content. While listening, the personalized voice frequency will start to resonate with your subconscious mind. 

If you feel uncomfortable listening to your voice, don’t even worry about it! You will not hear your voice in any recognizable way, but your subconscious mind definitely will. 

Step 2: Wear your headphones

Synctuition has been created to stimulate both brain hemispheres so they can work in synch. As previously mentioned, our audio journeys send one frequency to your left ear and a slightly modified frequency to your right ear. These two frequencies ultimately create a third one (binaural beat), which only exists in your mind.

This is why step two matters a lot. When listening, make sure to wear a pair of headphones to get the most out of the binaural frequencies and the many benefits of deep relaxation.

Step 3: Press the “Play” button and enjoy!

Regardless of your goal, you can listen to Synctuition anytime, anywhere you want. Simply go find a place or a position where you feel the most comfortable and hit the play button. All that is left is to enjoy the countless benefits of evening relaxation. 

What Happens While Listening to Synctuition? 

By now, you must have a good idea of what the Synctuition app is and how it can become the perfect tool to change your life for the better. You also might still have questions about the experience and what happens as you listen to our journeys. Here, we answer your doubts and give you a couple of tips to improve your experience: 

Complete relaxation in a few minutes 

The mind and body need to be in harmonious balance to experience full relaxation. With the perfect combination of 3D sounds, binaural beats, gamma waves, personalized voice frequency, and ASRM sounds, Synctuition brings the listener into a complete relaxation state in a matter of minutes. 

As you listen to Synctuition’s beautiful and soothing sounds, your mind will block feelings of stress and negativity, leaving room for relaxation and positivity only. This effect will last beyond the track’s duration and will help you achieve high-quality sleep among many other benefits. 

A superb sense of intuition 

Sometimes, you experience a sensation or sudden urge to do something, but you felt it was irrational to give in to that voice. Many times, we dismiss it because it doesn’t make any sense. That inner voice or “gut feeling” is your intuition and, although many people choose to silence it, it is a phenomenon deeply valued by the most revered scientists such as Albert Einstein. 

Delevop your intuition with Synctuition.

As research has proven, intuition has more to do with science than magic. It is a set of complex neural processes involving the whole brain — from sensory inputs and low-level reflex actions to high-level cognitive processes. Intuition is our brain’s ability to solve hard or seemingly impossible problems as sensory inputs work in conjunction with existing memories to find a possible solution.  

To solve particular problems, neural networks from different areas of the brain must work together. Cooperating neural networks have to act as synchronously as possible to solve a problem efficiently. In the case of intuition, the neural processes behind it are much more complex and both brain hemispheres should be equally involved. By enhancing communication between both hemispheres, the Synctuition app helps you develop a more intuitive mind, capable of seeing the solution to problems and making better decisions. 

A younger and more powerful brain 

Hearing sound requires cooperation from many brain regions that interact through a complex and dynamic neural network. Auditory signals initiate a cascade of neural activities throughout the whole brain — from the lowest to the highest level of cognitive actions

Listening to the gamma range binaural beat frequencies in Synctuition’s tracks increase connections in the brain through neural plasticity; the ability of the brain to change continuously throughout our lives. This is achieved by the synchronization of the brain’s neural network. As a result of enhanced neural plasticity, Synctuition accelerates intuitive and communication processes by creating new synaptic connections between different regions of the brain.

Get a stronger brain with Synctuition.

To decode the 40 Hz binaural signal present in Synctuition’s audio content, the two brain hemispheres need to work very closely together. This teamwork results in an extremely powerful synchronizing effect on oscillating brain patterns. In short, you’ll be exercising your brain and making it stronger while enjoying the magical sounds.

People speaking in different languages — what does it mean?

While tuning into Syntuition, you will hear chanting or people speaking in a different language. This is a spontaneous vocal improvisation by an experienced meditator visualizing love, positive emotions, and healing. You will be listening to an intuitive feeling vocalized into a blessing for you. It is not a word and has no meaning; it simply helps you to anchor your thoughts. 

Falling asleep during meditation 

The Synctuition app is so relaxing that you might fall asleep while listening to one of the journeys. However, it is best to be awake so you can enjoy the full benefits of relaxation with Synctuition. Of course, many people who struggle with insomnia or poor sleep quality will find this useful. If this is not your case, there are a couple of simple steps to help you stay awake:

  1. Try to sit in a laid-back position instead of lying down. 
  2. Listen to the track earlier in the evening. 
  3. Choose an alternative place to listen to your track. 

Get better sleep with Synctuition.

If you end up falling asleep, you can go back and listen to the track once again in the future. 

Unpleasant feelings and waves of emotions 

It is normal to experience a wide range of effects while listening to Synctuition. After all, our path towards self-discovery and personal development is not always perfect. Don’t be surprised if some of the audio journeys are challenging and disruptive as you keep going. Remember that you are opening up new neural pathways, so it can feel unpleasant at times. 

As your brain associates certain sounds with previous unpleasant experiences, you can also feel agitated or strange. If this is the case, try to listen to the track regularly until you make peace with the sounds that annoy you. This can help you heal an open wound. 

Why should I record my voice? 

Record your voice to make the Synctuition experience even more enjoyable!

As you already know, to enjoy the full Synctuition experience, you will be asked to record your voice. The Synctuition app mixes your voice frequency into the journeys because your voice resonates smoothly with your unconscious mind. As each person is different, this particular feature makes everything personalized and helps you unravel your imagination to go over the limits. 

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Benefits of Relaxation with the Synctuition App

Synctuition is beneficial for your body and mind. When you listen to the Synctuition app regularly, you will notice how much easier it is to relax and get the battery boost needed to wake up the next morning, 100% ready to take over the world. And the great news is that our program goes beyond, offering: 

Effective Love and Kindness Meditation

Metta Bhavana or loving-kindness meditation consists of focusing on loving energy towards yourself and others. This type of meditation comes from the Buddhist tradition and can be adapted and practiced by anyone. When you engage with love kindness meditation you soften your mind and heart and open to deeper levels of kindness and pure love. Some studies have claimed that LKM is useful to manage anger, marital conflict, and social anxiety. 

Synctuition is an excellent way to practise Love and Kindness Meditation.

With beautiful audio journeys such as love, passion, and happiness, the Synctuition app will help you feel empathy and compassion in addition to gaining the widely documented benefits of traditional meditation. The relaxing music and soothing sounds block negative emotions, allowing you to explore all the beauty and positivity of your inner self.

Better Sleep

At night, racing thoughts, and stress can make falling asleep a challenge. Synctuition is based on the latest research on stress and audio therapy and works through sound that quickly calms the mind and prepares you for sleep. With its 3D sound frequencies, Synctuition creates a window of tranquility right before bedtime, ideal for you to enjoy a pleasant slumber.

The magical effect of experiencing a Synctuition journey extends well into the night. Sometimes you can feel this in your dreams that can be surprisingly vivid and picturesque. In the morning, you will be completely energized and ready to function at your best potential.

Effective Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, if you have a specific desire and positively focus on that desire, it will be fulfilled. Of course, this can work both ways; negativity will only attract negativity. If you’ve ever tried using the LoA, you’ll know that focusing exclusively on positive thoughts is incredibly challenging. That’s why many of us give up too quickly and are simply left unhappy and unfulfilled.

So, how can we have better control over our thoughts? The key is preparing your mind before the most important part of your daily cycle – sleep. With the Synctuition app, you’ll experience the cleansing power of true, deep relaxation and feel a boost of pure happiness at the most important time of your day, just before sleep. The Synctuition soundscapes will stimulate your imagination, allowing you to truly focus on attracting positive events in your life.

Less stress and anxiety 

When we remain fixated on problems without any mental rest or relaxation, we become tense and anxious. With time, our “fight or flight response” gets chronically activated, making us feel like we are fighting for survival daily. This feeling is difficult to escape and can persist for years without help. 

With every listening, Synctuition provides a fast and effective restart for the mind. With its natural 3D sounds, binaural beats, and entrainment frequencies, each Synctuition track takes you away from daily worries and fears about the future. Synctuition works like a mental shower of positivity by providing the inner calmness and deep emotional rest that you need after a stressful day. 

Cope with the effects of stress while listening to Synctuition.

A younger mind

The secret to keeping your mind healthy and young is maintaining the number of synapses in your brain. Our minds are aging every day as synapses disappear. Synapses are connections in the brain that form when learning or experiencing something new. But that’s not all. Our synaptic system is also the foundation for our memory, logical thinking, and fast reasoning.

With each Synctuition listening session, your mind is at work creating millions of new synapses in response to the powerful mental visualization experienced during each journey. This experience is both highly entertaining and deeply relaxing and carries long-lasting benefits. We recommend relaxing with Synctuition daily to keep your mind healthy and young.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

We have over 3 million active users around the world engaging with Synctuition’s beautiful audio content. More than 100 000 positive reviews share meaningful stories of relaxation, self-exploration, and mental clarity saying:

Begin Your Synctuition Journey Towards A Better Life Today

With the special sounds and frequencies used in the Synctuition app, your mind will be taken on a very unique journey of self-discovery and improvement. All you need to do is to follow 3 very simple steps, relax and hit the play button to listen to thousands of magical and beautiful sounds. As you continue listening, your brain becomes stimulated and you develop more connections between both hemispheres.

Take the first step towards the new you today. Try the Synctuition app.