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After a decade of development and three years of transforming millions of lives, Synctuition is taking the next big step toward revolutionizing the future of mental health. We are evolving into the MindSpa super-app. Our name will soon catch up with something we’ve envisioned and worked hard on: the first mental health digital tool for inner clarity and personal transformation. Get ready to discover more 3D sound journeys, helpful resources, new features, and the first-ever personal “clarity test” a groundbreaking tool for getting a rapid mental health check.

10 years into our mission 

Our epic journey started 13 years ago. At the time, the world was going through a period of acute economic crisis and increasing uncertainty — not unlike today. As jobs were lost and economies declined, mental health also took a nosedive. Chronic stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, and poor physical health became more and more commonplace. A solution was needed and we decided to take action. We set ourselves a mission to positively impact mental health by making an accessible, fun, and, most importantly, effective resource

After years of building a team of experts, researching the most effective mind-body techniques and the power of sound, and traveling to over 2.000 natural locations, Synctuition was born

Our app provided access to a revolutionary sound-based program backed by 106 scientific studies which consisted of immersive 3D soundscapes known as “sound journeys”. Our 25-minute 3D sound journeys featured nature sounds, original music, gamma-wave binaural beats, and ASMR — an unparalleled sound formula that had the same effect as 4 hours of traditional meditation. 

Nowadays, we are a vibrant community with users from 221 locations worldwide.  Our mesmerizing 3D sound journeys have helped millions of people to de-stress after a long day, optimize their minds for sleep, find daily motivation, achieve mindfulness, meditate, pursue their life purposes, and much more. 

Throughout our trajectory, we experienced immense growth, becoming the number one meditation app in Europe, winning numerous awards, and even making it to Hollywood. And now, the moment has come to reinvent ourselves, take the very best of what we have accomplished, and elevate our program to new heights — all with the purpose of providing you with an even more memorable and transformative experience. It’s time to become the first-ever mental health super-app. 

The first MindSpa super-app: a digital tool for clarity and self-discovery

In addition to deep relaxation, better sleep, and mindfulness, one of the common effects experienced by our users was “clarity”. Thousands of reviews shared stories of finding moments of clarity while listening to our 3D sound journeys. So, we asked ourselves: what is clarity and how can we ensure that more and more people experience it? 

In essence, mental clarity is a state of mind characterized by greater focus, awareness, energy, and optimism. When your mind is clear, your perception is clear, which means that you are able to recognize, understand, and organize your thoughts. 

Think of your life as a river. If the river is polluted and rough due to heavy winds and strong currents, its waters won’t be easy to navigate. There are numerous elements that cause turbulent waters in our everyday lives such as relationship issues, stressful workplaces, economic instability, our physical health, and many others. Therefore, the key is finding the right tool to calm our inner rivers. 

MindSpa will be such a tool. Through our new mental health super-app, we will provide the ultimate resource to revitalize and nourish your mind so it is clear from stress and negativity, resilient, optimistic, and harmonious. By combining cutting-edge sound technology, helpful resources, and interactive features, the MindSpa app will be a five-star spa experience to help you take care of yourself on a daily basis — all available at the speed of one click. 

Unparalleled features for daily mental fitness 

You have told us that, in addition to our 3D sound journeys, you would like to access more features to support your mental health and well-being. And, we have exciting news! MindSpa will feature brand new features specifically designed to support you on your journey toward clarity of mind and self-actualization. Get ready to discover…

Clarity Test

If you want to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-improvement, you need to start somewhere. So why not start by gaining a deeper understanding of yourself? 

Find out whether your mind is foggy, stormy, or clear as a summer sky by taking our rapid clarity test

Taking the clarity test is simple. Just answer a series of questions about your everyday life as honestly as possible. Then, the test’s algorithm will calculate your unique clarity score, which can be any of the following:

0-25 Messy Mind Prone to distraction, negativity, and excessive worry about the past and/or future.
26-50 Stormy Mind Mostly negative and insecure. Struggles to maintain focus and serenity during challenging situations.
51-75 Foggy mind While periods of stress and negativity are common, it is possible to muster the energy to cope with challenges.
76-100 Bright Mind Mostly focused and well-balanced. As a result, it is possible to control self-doubt and negativity.
101-120 Clear Mind Rarely feels directionless in life, easily pushing through doubt and making intuitive decisions. 
121+ Gifted Mind A powerful magnet for happiness, positivity, and prosperity.


Your final score allows you to identify your virtues, strengths, current mindset, and areas of improvement. Depending on your clarity score, you will then receive expert recommendations and tailored content to increase your clarity level or keep it as high as possible. 

Through this ground-breaking test, MindSpa is giving you greater control over your emotional and mental well-being. 

Background music

You requested this and we heard you! Sometimes, you just need the perfect music for the perfect occasion, whether it is studying for an important exam or focusing on a challenging task. MindSpa’s background music is a series of long-format audios, which will create the right ambiance for every occasion.

Sound therapy 

As human beings, we are marked by our experiences — both positive and negative. Sometimes, those experiences, phobias, and emotional scars require more than an uplifting sound journey. Therefore, our team of mental health professionals and sound therapists have created sound therapy; a series of beautiful highly immersive audios that use special frequencies and vibrations to impact you at a deep mental and emotional level. 

Positivity feed

Similarly to a social media feed, the Positivity Feed recommends content according to your personal interests and your current Clarity Score. You’ll find sound journeys, background music, sound therapy, and blog articles that will help you work on your mental health and well-being. 

What about your 3D sound journey progress?

Don’t worry! Synctuition’s 3D sound journeys are still there for you to enjoy. You can simply pick up where you left off last time. Just make sure to sign in to your account using your credentials to access your content.

Ready to enjoy MindSpa? 

While our name and logo will change, our mission will remain the same: to help you, our dear user, achieve positive transformation and become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself. We are sincerely grateful for all of your trust and support. Therefore, we can’t wait for you to join MindSpa on this new and exciting journey! 

The MindSpa app will be available soon! Keep an eye on our social media for a release date.