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Recent data by Sensor Tower found that Synctuition became the highest-grossing meditation app in Europe in 2020. Our revolutionary combination of 3D sounds and relaxation practices is making a positive impact, not only on the continent but across the world. We are touching more and more hearts, and helping people experience the transformative power of meditation. We cannot be prouder! 

The Covid-19 pandemic radically changed the world. It impacted our livelihoods and changed the way we work, learn, interact with each other, and think about health. We stayed home, switched to a “new normal” and tried to carry on with our lives. Yet, many of us struggled (or continue struggling) with loneliness, stress, anxiety, and depression. Luckily, we human beings are amazing. We have the ability to adapt to dire circumstances and thrive. That’s why, in the middle of the pandemic, mental health resources became bigger, better, and more virtually accessible. Ambitious programs were determined to make a positive impact and help people flourish during these unprecedented times. Synctuition is one of these game-changing resources. 

The Synctuition app continues on its quest of innovating and developing a cutting-edge meditation tool to improve mental health. Today, the app features 120 mesmerizing sound journeys with 3D sounds and binaural beats, which are ideal to ease stress, improve sleep, boost positivity, increase motivation, and much more. 

Recently, Sensor Tower, the marketing intelligence for mobile apps, confirmed what we suspected: Synctuition was the highest-grossing app in Europe in 2020. In just a few months, the app’s user base doubled and its revenue grew by 250%. More than numbers, this means that our program has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people from the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Estonia, and many other nations. We cannot be more grateful for your love and support! 

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Changing the future of mental health 

Revolutionizing mental health is a long process that requires dedication and teamwork. This is why Synctuition’s team works every day towards bringing you the best experience possible. Last year, we partnered with Gympass — the world’s largest fitness and wellness platform — to offer their users access to our program. But that’s not all! Just a few weeks ago our Positivity Boost stickers and Chatbot debuted on Viber. Our daily positivity tips are well-beloved by the Viber community, amassing over 600.000 subscribers to date. Needless to say, the future looks bright. Synctuition aims to keep on growing in Europe and the rest of the world.

As treatment for COVID-19 becomes widely available, many of us hope this crisis comes to an end. However, the mental health effects need to be addressed as soon as possible. Take time to check in with yourself and take a deep breath. If you would like to de-stress and optimize your well-being, become part of the Synctuition community and dive deep into the world of trust and self-discovery.