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You have reached the end of another wonderful journey with Synctuition. You are feeling relaxed, serene, full of positivity, and ready for the next great adventure. But wait… where’s the next level? As the saying goes, “good things take time”. At Synctuition we believe that amazing endeavors not only take time, but also dedication, passion, love, and teamwork. That’s why each and every one of our levels is created by a passionate team of professionals working tirelessly to deliver the most immersive and therapeutic sound experience ever. In this blog article, we’ll break down what makes Synctuition’s levels so special and why the wait is totally worth it. 

An unparalleled combination 

Since day one, our mission has been to promote deep relaxation and greater well-being. Of course, in order to achieve that, we knew that we had to use the most powerful mind-body techniques. Our team conducted in-depth research on multiple fields, including sound therapy, mindfulness meditation, sound meditation, neuroscience, and environmental psychology. We also enlisted world-renowned professionals to guide our efforts. And so, our small team quickly grew and Synctuition was born. 

Nowadays, our app offers a one-of-a-kind sound relaxation experience. We have created over a hundred “sound journeys” grouped in multiple levels. Each level focuses on a crucial aspect of life, whether it is discovering your path, exploring your inner world, or finding your special purpose. And, every level consists of 20 sound journeys, which you can think of as the necessary steps you need to take or the messages you should learn to achieve the level’s main goals. 

The science and the process behind Synctuition’s levels

Behind Synctuition’s levels and sound journeys, there is a rigorous process involving over 100 people. Together this team is creating a truly transformative experience: a movie for your mind. As you listen, your imagination will be stimulated and you will visualize memorable, unique, and relaxing sights that will help you enter a relaxing mental state. To deliver this mesmerizing experience, we follow all the necessary steps to make a movie and those are:

Roundtable of ideas

The best creations in life begin with ideas. And so, our experts in meditation and health and wellness sit together to think about the main topic for the next level. They reflect on all those factors that play key roles in our lives and help us live happier and healthier existences. Slowly but surely abstract ideas become more concrete and a single theme is chosen for the next level.

Researching and consulting 

The journey is just getting started! After choosing the main topic for the new level, our team spends weeks researching and consulting. The purpose of this research is to find which techniques, ideas, or aspects can help you achieve the main goal of the level. We look into the fields of psychology, philosophy, spirituality, and many others. As the research goes on, we start coming up with ideas that become the sound journeys of the respective level. 


So now that the main team of level and the messages of the sound journeys have been chosen, it’s scriptwriting time! This is the structure of each journey: the sounds you will be listening to and any other elements that may elicit a powerful reaction in your mind and body. In addition, our writers work closely with our mental health and wellness professionals to craft meaningful and powerful introductions for each sound journey.

Traveling and recording 

Our team spots natural places where the most relaxing and beautiful sounds can be found. With spatial audio equipment, these magical sounds are recorded. Vocal improvisations and instrumental music are also recorded so they can make the experience even more engaging. All these beautiful sounds are then blended together. Not everything works perfectly at once though! Each journey goes through multiple listening and editing stages to ensure they are nothing but relaxing and memorable. 

So, what will you be listening to? 

Spatial audio

Synctuition has been created with three-dimensional recording technology, which allows the listener to enjoy a spatially accurate soundscape through normal stereo headphones that provide a correct dimensional perception of the sound source in the recording field. The broad mechanism of 3D sound perception consists of two parts: the detection of timing differences between the ears, and spectral differences between the ears. 

Synctuition’s levels have been recorded in nature.


Nature has the power to capture our attention with its mesmerizing visuals and sounds. Several studies in the field of environmental psychology show that nature can help us focus, manage stress, and balance our emotions. With Syctuition, you can experience the same benefits from the comfort of your own home. 

Our journeys feature sounds spatially recorded in wild nature without synthetic components. The sounds are restricted to natural sources in their native soundscape. What’s more, they are presented to you, the listener, with the correct timing and spectral differences that are typical of nature. All of this delivers an authentic sound experience that makes the brain react as if the audio stimulus is coming live from nature. 


In addition to the beautiful sounds of nature, our journeys include instrumental and vocal techniques. Such techniques are 100% original. Moreover, they are intuitive improvisations that are performed spontaneously whilst in a meditative state. As you see, this requires an advanced level of musical skill and vast meditative experience. The result is a creative musical composition that combines performance with emotional communication. 


Whispering voices, crunching leaves, or similar sounds can elicit feelings of relaxation and contentment. This is the autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR. Synctuition includes ASMR sounds, which may elicit this pleasurable response. 

Binaural beats 

Binaural beats are created when slightly different modified sounds are sent to each ear. This causes the brain to imagine a third sound to compensate for the difference. In this way, binaural beats stimulate rapid communication between the opposite sides of the brain.

Synctuition uses binaural beats in a specific frequency range to synchronize the brain and relax the body. This magical frequency range is called the Gamma (~40Hz) range.

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What to do while you wait for Synctuition’s levels? 

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes,” says Proust. Is it possible? 

Think about it. A lot has changed since the first time you listened to one of our sound journeys. Even if you aren’t fully aware of it, you are not the same person you were a few weeks or months ago. You may be more relaxed, mindful, or intuitive. Now, with all of these qualities, why not go further? Challenge yourself and listen to Synctuition from the very beginning. Notice how different or how similar the soundscapes feel! 

Our users agree that, when you listen to the same sound journey a second or third time, it never feels the same. It is always a different adventure as each journey features 3D sounds, gamma-wave binaural beats, and ASMR to facilitate deep relaxation, better sleep, and greater positivity. The more you listen, the more you benefit. And, once you listen from the beginning, you can easily add certain journeys to your list of favorites on the app. 

To make your listening experience even more enjoyable, our team recommends using a few complementary techniques: 

1. Body scan

As you listen to the soundscapes, pay close attention to your physical sensations. “Body scanning” is an excellent technique for releasing tension and achieving deep relaxation. Simply follow these steps:

  • Take deep, slow breaths. Try to breathe from your belly and let your abdomen expand with each breath. 
  • Bring your attention to your feet and observe the sensations there. If you notice pain, breathe through it. Visualize your tension leaving your body through the act of breathing. 
  • Gradually move up from your feet to your head and repeat the exercise with each area of your body. Breathe into any tension, pain, or tightness you may feel. 

2. Journaling

How are you feeling today? What’s on your mind? Journaling is a powerful tool for self-expression. Keeping a journal allows you to explore thoughts and emotions. What’s more, research shows that it can help you cope with the negative effects of stress and anxiety. 

After listening to a sound journey, try to write down your thoughts. How did the sounds make you feel? Perhaps relaxed, exhilarated, serene, or even sad. Whatever it is, let it all out. You can also record any visualizations, memories, or images that your mind came up with during the session. 

You may also benefit from gratitude journaling. Gratitude journals help you reflect on the positive aspects of your life while helping you reap the benefits of traditional journaling. Every day or a few times per week, you can write down 3 or 5 things you are thankful for. This could be your family, friends, your morning cup of coffee, or even the fact that there’s a roof over your head. 

3. Positive affirmations 

Positive affirmations are statements that challenge your negative thoughts. Evidence shows that repeating positive affirmations before an important meeting or test can calm your nerves and increase your chances of success. You can get into the habit of positive affirmations with Synctuition. As you listen to the sound journeys try saying or thinking “I let go of all negativity”, “I’m blessed with incredible Gifts and virtues”, “I am a magnet for success”, or any other meaningful statement.