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Ever found yourself wishing for a 3-week holiday after a busy day at work? Perhaps you’ve been stuck in a traffic jam before a medical appointment? Or, maybe you have been kept awake at midnight by a lively toddler. All these situations leave us yearning for a well-deserved rest. Yet, in this modern life, our many responsibilities and lack of time make it impossible for us to take a deep breath. We seek comfort in short trips, quiet spaces, and our hobbies. But, sometimes, nothing feels enough.

Our failure to relax or control our racing thoughts end up adding to our stress levels. True relaxation is rooted in the brain, and only when we are mentally relaxed and calm can the body follow suit. As experts have pointed out, relaxation watching TV or sitting quietly is not enough to produce the physiological changes.

For centuries, meditation has proven to be an excellent method to achieve mental relaxation. This ancient practice centers you in the present moment, whenever your mind wanders into the past or future. By learning and training yourself to keep your mind in the present moment, you become able to relax your mind whenever you need it the most.

Synctuition makes meditation easier by using binaural beats in a special frequency range, where its effects synchronize the brain and relax the body and mind. This highly effective frequency range is called the Gamma (~40Hz) range. Listening to Synctuition’s audio tracks is like a mind shower that will cleanse your mind from wandering thoughts at any time. It can also act as a mind spa before bedtime that will help you to program your mind to have a better night’s rest.