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When exploring the realm of the more metaphysical understanding of this physical world, we realize that the mental “body” and physical body are part of the same organism existing in a symbiotic exchange of energy and neural substances. Whether these substances are in the sphere of neurochemistry or networks of physical neurons, they have an intimate and profound bearing on each other.

Is it possible to have a healthy body with a mind that is out of sync chemically and on a brainwave level? We know that thoughts can become your reality, so negative thoughts, laziness in thinking, not wanting to think about the state of your health, for example, or blatantly ignoring your thoughts when they are unhealthy can lead to the manifestation of those negative things.

This is more than giving in to your thoughts about how great it would be to just sit down after work, rather than get some form of exercise. This is also about how not wanting to think about certain events or experiences can bury themselves unresolved in your unconscious, only to surface as a run of bad luck, or at worst, actual disease. Like an untreated infection, negative thinking can take deep root in your psychology and manifest in psychosomatic ways, which can turn into physical problems. We are aware of the way high and constant exposure to stress can both physically and psychologically manifest and cause mental and physical health issues.

Is health always about the physical?

Health or the state of being healthy is more than the condition of being disease and injury-free. According to the World Health Organization, it is a “state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” There are aspects of health that can be classed as:

 Neuro-chemical and in the actual balance of neurotransmitters

 Physical, to do with the absence of damage in the structure of the brain

 It’s physiological, dependent on the balance maintained by your endocrine system controlling your hormones

 Psychological, to do with your personality, attitude, and outlook

 Changes in your mind can change your body

It’s basic chemistry

Healthy bodies require a certain balance of biochemistry and hormones to keep them healthy. The body and the “mind” (or brain) cannot exist in separate bubbles of self-sufficient states. They are part of the same organism, and if one is diseased, the other will follow suit.

It has been shown in countless studies that depression and negative mental states can cause problems with the health of your heart. Angina, stress-related heart attacks, and panic attacks all manifest as a physical issue that originates in the mind. If you feel negative mentally, your physical body will follow suit. Similarly, if your body is undergoing extreme physical stress, the chemistry and hormones cannot but create a fractured mental state as a natural progression of the chemical stress on your body.

Physical help for a healthy mind

There is no doubt that good physical practices like exercising and eating properly, elevate your levels of feel-good hormones and adequate nutrients combine to support a state of physical health. An improvement in your physical state will impact your mental health. The physical and mental are so intricately tied together that the physical body is a condensation of the mental state, on a quantum, energetic level.

“You become your thoughts”

That has been attributed to Buddha, and many thinkers have expressed similar axioms on the relation between thought and the physical presentation or manifestation of what they think. The habit of positive thoughts and taking time to be mindful and meditate have all been lauded by many great thinkers.

Picture being able to manipulate your thoughts at their most fundamental level. Imagine you could shape your mental state through exercises that entrain positive mental states. A practical shortcut to good health. And you can achieve this by setting aside merely half an hour a day, every day, to transform the way you think, and the way you master your body and physical habits.

Visualization is important in achieving more accurate and lucid pictures of what you want to experience. Synctuition’s program can assist you in achieving the optimal meditative state that enhances and entrains visualization. The countless benefits of having a healthy body can begin in the mind with programs that can modulate and modify your brainwaves. It can help you think of yourself as healthy.