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It has been called the “highest form of intelligence” and “the path to true happiness”. The great Albert Einstein said: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” Would you like to trust your intuition for greater happiness and success? Here are five incredible benefits to inspire your transformative journey. 

Jean-Luc Boissonneault goes so far as to divide intelligence into three distinct categories. He says: “Instinct is the lowest form of intelligence. It’s our primal nature that is rooted in survival and sex. Living by our instinct today is risky. Listening to our fears is risky. It only leads to mediocrity”.

“Intellect is rational. It’s about tuition — what we are taught by others. We have tuition fees when we go to school — not intuition fees. Intellect is about the knowledge we retain from others.”

“Intuition is different. It unravels from within. Intuition is work from the heart. Doing something for the right intent. Doing something that matters. Intuition is about creativity. Doing something that changes something for the better.”

But why? What benefits would you reap?

Many great thinkers, from Immanuel Kant to Carl Jung, emphasized the importance of intuition and its impact on their personal and professional lives. They celebrated it as pre-existing knowledge and wisdom, resident in every one of us but often suppressed. Jung went so far as to label intuition as one of four major functions of the human mind along with sensation, thinking, and feeling. By balancing all of these functions within ourselves, we have the ability to maximize our potential. He wrote: “I regard intuition as a basic psychological function that mediates perception in an unconscious way. Intuition enables us to divine the possibilities of a situation.”

Intuition is also a means of accessing our creative self-expression, as seen in the works of artists, writers, and musicians. Yet, it isn’t exclusive to creative arts. Many remarkable people achieved success in the fields of science, business, and entrepreneurship, due to their ability to ‘trust their gut’.

Intuition is, in essence, the connection to the subconscious. It’s how the subconscious and conscious minds communicate. This is why it’s such a vital source of creative power, wisdom, and understanding — it transcends the realms of experience or reasoning.

Channel the power of intuition to see the deeper truths of life.

Five ways to unleash your potential

Once you start training your mind to deepen your sense of intuition, you will experience many positive changes. We bring you five of the common benefits of an intuitive mind.

1. Enhanced creativity

As your intuitive mind opens up and starts communicating freely with your conscious one, many creative thoughts spring up. This is due to your newly unlocked ability to recognize deeper truths, patterns, and symbolism in life.

2. Increased self-knowledge

Your subconscious is where your personality resides. Psychologists claim that your intuitive decisions represent the most direct path to your true self. As you learn to recognize and trust your intuition, you will in sync with your true desires and will learn about yourself on a level you could only imagine in the past.

3. Better decision-making

Studies done at the Max Planck Institute amongst others show that intuitive decisions are reached faster and are subjectively ‘better’ than those landed on by purely rational means. Those who actively work on developing their intuition are capable of making better, faster, and more beneficial decisions.

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4. Greater physical health

How many times do we ignore our body’s subtle message and little cues? We may feel exhausted, ill, or nauseous and yet, we keep on pushing ourselves to the limit in order to meet deadlines or satisfy others. Sadly, this results in chronic stress and plenty of health issues that do us no good. Luckily, when you learn to trust your gut, you become more aware of your body’s intuitive knowledge. This way, you can easily tell when exactly you need to take a break, seek professional help, or incorporate necessary lifestyle changes into your routine.

 5. Improved mental well-being

As the saying goes, a healthy body is a healthy mind. Science demonstrates that optimal mental health influences physical health and vice versa — they are engaged in a constant conversation. When you make intuitive decisions to take care of your body, you secure a balanced state of mind. And, because intuition helps you make positive and intelligent decisions, you will be making choices that prioritize you, your safety, and happiness.

Are you ready to trust your intuition?

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