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Good things take time. Groundbreaking things take even longer! We are proud to announce that Synctuition, the world’s 1st guided meditation app with 3D sounds, is ready to help change lives for the better. Discover how to meditate with our program. 

After a 10-year scientific research and development process, Synctuition’s sound journeys featuring gamma-frequency (40 Hz) binaural beats and sounds from over 2000 locations from all over the world are only a part of what we are offering with the newly updated Synctuition. So how can you get the most out of every single Synctuition audio track? Let’s discover the story behind Synctuition and how to achieve the best results from using it.

Every life-changing idea has a phenomenal story behind it. Here is ours

Meditation is a life-changing practice with plenty of positive benefits. Needless to say, creating a truly effective and unique meditation program. At the beginning of our journey, we brought the best talent together. Our dynamic team of meditators, psychologists, neuroscientists, and wellness experts shared our vision of creating a program to help people take care of their well-being. We envisioned a meditation app featuring meditative soundscapes recorded in the most breathtaking places on Earth.

For years, our team traveled the world capturing natural sounds and soothing melodies. The results are a rich audio library of 3D sound journeys, background music, and sound therapy tracks.

And here we are now, ready to assist you in this journey of trust and self-discovery. But this is only a brief introduction to our story. Let’s discover how to meditate with Synctuition and how to benefit from this revolutionary meditation technology. 

How to Meditate with Synctuition: 3 Essential Steps

Step 1: Record your voice in just 10 secs.

Everyone is different. So are their goals and solutions. That’s why Synctuition offers a personalized meditation where all soundscapes will also include the specific frequency of your voice.

As you start to learn how to meditate with Synctuition, follow the instructions before listening to your first audio and record your voice as suggested. This way, Synctuition can embed your voice frequency into all the content. When listening, Synctuition’s personalized voice frequency will start to resonate with your subconscious mind. But no worries, you will not hear your voice in any recognizable way, but your subconscious mind definitely will! 

TIPS: The more comfortable you are, the more you get out of Synctuition. As you start your journey, choose a place where you’ll feel comfortable. Trust us, it makes a lot of difference!

Step 2: Wear your headphones.

Synctuition is designed to stimulate your mind. Our audios send one frequency to your left ear and a slightly modified frequency to your right ear. These two frequencies create a third one called a binaural beat, which only exists in your mind. That’s why the second step matters a lot! When listening, please wear your headphones so that you can benefit from the binaural frequencies to get all the positive benefits of meditation. 

The more you follow the sequence, the more you benefit

We train our minds just like we train our bodies through regular exercise – from the basics up to the advanced techniques. So as you listen to the audio, your mind gets used to our meditation technology and you enjoy the benefits of meditation with Synctuition.

Step 3: Press the “Play” button

There is no specific time, place, or rule for meditation. Because if there was, then it would not be meditation anymore. No matter what your goals are, you can listen to Synctuition anytime and anywhere you want. Ready to start your journey? Just hit the play button, whenever you want, wherever you are.

Advanced Evening Relaxation: A Deeper Look Into Synctuition

When to listen to Synctuition

Anywhere, any time, even when offline, Synctuition is with you. Stressed out at work before a meeting? Finding it hard to fall asleep at night? About to start on an important project? Just need to relax a little bit? Or just curious about guided meditation and want to experience the benefits?

There is no limit to meditation! Learning how to meditate is your habit, your practice, and most importantly it is your personal choice. So you can calm your mind and body with Synctuition whenever and wherever you want. Just be aware of the 3 steps we’ve mentioned earlier to benefit from our life-changing app as much as possible!

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Regular meditation is a practice that pays back big time. Especially when it’s done with the world’s 1st guided meditation app with 3D sounds. Be aware that you’re on the verge of an amazing journey. The only thing you need to do is download Synctuition for free, choose the most convenient subscription option, and devote at least 25 minutes of your day to a life-changing guided meditation session. But, most importantly, enjoy!