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Our jobs play a huge role in our lives. Not only do they pay the bills, but they’re a source of inspiration and human connection. Even if we love our jobs, responsibilities, unexpected obstacles, and the desire to advance our careers often lead to stress and anxiety. During Mental Health Awareness Month, Synctuition seeks to bring deep relaxation and mindfulness to the workplace. Today, we are happy to announce our partnership with Telia — the largest communications company in Estonia. 

In 2018, approximately 52% of American companies invested in mindfulness training, especially through meditative techniques. Giants of the likes of Apple, Google, and Nike saw the positive benefits of mindfulness in employees’ mental health and productivity. Now, mindfulness is coming to European workplaces to promote optimal mental health, while keeping up productivity, creativity, and teamwork.

Today, Synctuition is happy to be chosen as the go-to meditation app for Telia. Starting this month, our app will be completely free for all Telia employees in Estonia. The two companies will be analyzing the impact of the program on the team’s mental health and overall well-being. We are confident that our immersive 3D sound journeys will help the Telia team manage stress, improve sleep, and boost motivation. 

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Teaming up for better mental health amidst stressful times

Bringing mindfulness to the workplace is beneficial on several levels, especially during the hectic times we are living. Ever since the COVID-19 crisis, Synctuition has been determined to reach out to as many people in need as possible. Similarly, as the largest communication service in Estonia, Telia has the very special mission of being the backbone of the new digital society. As people are confined to their homes, working, studying, and communicating with their loved ones, the Telia team has been working hard to keep connectivity and digitalization up and running. By joining forces with Synctuition, the company hopes to support their employees’ well-being so they can carry on their vital role. 

Ingrid Viinapuu, head of human resources in Telia, opened up about the importance of this team-up. “Attention to mental health is more important than ever in these difficult times,” she said. “Naturally, we at Telia are determined to support our people in every way we can, and provide them with tools to find and keep the much-needed mental balance. Thanks to the Synctuition team for the opportunity and great co-op.” 

Synctuition’s co-founder, Michael Burich, also shared his thoughts about this unprecedented partnership saying, “We want to compliment Telia on pioneering such an important topic and we hope many Estonian companies will begin to implement solutions to improve the well-being of their employees as well”. 

The next steps 

Our team is confident that mindfulness and meditation apps will positively transform 21st-century work models. Making Synctuition free for Telia is a very important step to making this a reality. We hope that our collaboration inspires more and more European and global companies to join us in this mental health revolution. And, as we are fully aware that revolutions are hard work, we have many other projects on the horizon! Our first Hollywood film is one the making and our Positivity Boost sticker pack is brightening everyday conversations on Viber. 

Ready to benefit from mindfulness and deep relaxation? Download the Synctuition app today!