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Today, the music aficionados rejoice as Apple music announces spatial audio as the most recent addition to their song catalog. To see that the innovative power of spatial audio is being discovered by more and more people around the world is truly fascinating. Over 10 years ago, the Synctuition team embarked on an exciting adventure. We were determined to create the first meditation app recorded in amazing three-dimensional sound. The results? In 2018, we launched a mobile product with over a hundred, immersive sound journeys recorded in spatial audio. All to boost relaxation, mindfulness, and greater well-being. So how does it work? Let’s start with the basics! 

What is Spatial Audio?

Spatial audio or 3D audio is a series of effects that modify the sound that stereos, speakers, or headphones produce. Instead of limiting sound to either your left or right side, this kind of technology allows for the placement of sound sources anywhere at specific locations around you, the listener. For example, you may feel like the sound is coming from behind, above, or below you. In summary, you become immersed in the soundscape. 

How does Spatial Audio work? 

It involves a careful sound engineering process to make it work. And this is based on how we, human beings, normally perceive sound in the real world. Picture the following scenario. You hear your phone’s alarm, which is right on your left-hand side. Instead of just hearing it in your left ear, you perceive the sound left and right, don’t you? This is because the sound waves travel to both ears. They travel through your skull, brain, and eardrums so your right ear can receive them as well. 

So, to allow you to enjoy this natural phenomenon through headphones, the sound must be captured as it is. Your ear must recreate the precise attenuation that happens in real life so you can trick your brain into thinking the sound is coming from your surroundings. 

Synctuition’s sound journeys were recorded using spatial audio technology to achieve this desired effect. This way, you get a spatially accurate soundscape through regular stereo headphones. What’s more, it provides you with a correct dimensional perception of the sound source in the recording field. As you listen, your mind will be truly immersed in the soothing sounds — just like a personalized movie! 

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Epic soundscapes combining nature sounds and original music 

Recorded in over 2000 pristine locations around the world, each journey incorporates natural sounds which are recorded spatially in wild nature without synthetic components. The natural sounds are presented with the correct timing and spectral difference as are found in nature. When you listen to the flow of water, rustling wind, or singing birds, you are actually hearing the real thing! In addition, Synctuition features original, instrumental music by professional musicians. This makes Synctuition the world’s first and biggest mindfulness app to be fully recorded in this epic Spatial Audio format. With Apple entering the space and popularizing this audio format, Synctuition’s appeal is becoming more relevant than ever before.

Ready to access the biggest 3D nature sound library in the world? 

To date, Synctuition’s sound journeys have been streamed for over 100,000,000 minutes. Our millions of listeners have benefited from deep relaxation, greater positivity, and an overall sense of optimal well-being. Become part of our growing community to enjoy more than 3000 minutes of original content!