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Have you ever felt out of touch with your true self? Do you struggle to find something that enriches your mind and helps you feel in “synch”? If so, you aren’t alone! As human beings, we possess a very curious (if not eerie!) skill — that of creating distance between our thoughts, emotions, and desires and ourselves. While this disconnection may temporarily protect us from emotionally distressing situations, it creates unhealthy patterns of suppression. For many of us, this suppression leads to unhappiness and further alienation from our true selves. In this Monthly Positivity blog, Heli Montgomery from the US shares her inspirational journey towards reconnecting with herself through deep relaxation and meditation. 

I felt separated from my true self. At some point along the way, I lost my ability to even be aware of my intuitive wisdom and knowledge. As I am fairly smart, I relied more and more on my intelligence. However, it has proved to be unwise to cease to hear my inner voice. I do think that the combination of logical assessment of information and a “gut check” is the best way to make sound decisions. In sum, I very strongly wanted to rebuild that private, inner strength. 

Then, I found out about Synctuition from a longtime friend. She has suffered pretty severe brain damage from having been in a serious car wreck. Her cognitive function and emotional health are now very obviously impaired. So her son was researching possible therapies which might be helpful to her and arranged for her to start using the program daily. She told me that she found it really helpful. She strongly recommended that I check it out, saying that she thought it would be beneficial for everyone. 

Welcoming meditation and deep relaxation into everyday life

The program presented itself into my life at an optimal time and for more than one reason. Here and there, throughout my 24 hours a day, I was automatically reaching for my phone to scroll and scroll and scroll through social media of various sorts. The content wasn’t amusing or interesting enough to be given room to squat in my mind, but I kept inviting it in to avoid engaging with deeper thoughts. I was constantly trying to distract my mind, filling it with cheap entertainment so that it would not wander back to my problems. I was starving for mental content of worth, but I was just feeding my mind the equivalent of junk food.

That is why I decided to get off social media 100% for a month and see what changes resulted in my inner life. I wanted to replace the cheap distractions with mental content of worth and beauty. For some time, I had felt that my stream of consciousness was dammed up — I felt separated from myself. I knew I wanted to change, to return to my truer self, but I needed some guidance.

Synctuition provided a flexible framework my consciousness could use as a general guide to start the journey. I like the way it does not dictate a specific, rigid protocol I must follow. Instead, it gives us a template to use to create our own engagement with our inner selves. Our own individual psyches direct our progress. I myself was the choreographer of the gentle dance I began to move through

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Enjoying the connectedness of the “now” 

I was surprised at how quickly I responded to the program. I have found that using Synctuition before sleeping helps me shed the cares of the day, and enter into a semi-dream state that is exciting and restful at the same time. From there, I journey into sleep. The combination of no longer overindulging in idle and inferior mental content and replacing it with rich, deeply engaging content almost immediately changed the way I felt about myself and my world. My ability to be connected to my intuitive, instinctive self had just been withering away for years.

Shortly after starting to listen to the sound journeys, I began to have startling revelations about problems that had been hovering in my consciousness for years. I was beginning to reconnect with the wisdom and knowledge I had blocked off. It’s interesting and amusing to see how people around me react to the subtle changes I have been undergoing. Now, I am different, and they react to me differently. 

The most important early development to me is a rapidly growing connection to my core emotions. As a way of coping with emotional trauma, I have blocked out a lot of reactive feelings. That worked ok as a coping mechanism, at least for a while, but it’s not a healthy way to live. I managed well, but I did not flourish, because I blocked off a whole part of my true self. I missed myself. However, I like myself, and I want to be with my whole self again. 

Nowadays. . . I feel a freshness, a newness in my spirits. I trust my own judgment more and more, and they sense that. And I feel that I am replenishing the wellsprings of peace and beauty that had been dwindling away inside me. 

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