As the market for meditation and stress relief apps continues booming, the sound relaxation app from Estonia, Synctuition, is rapidly growing through the ranks. In America, thousands of Android and iOS users have chosen Synctuition as their go-to program for deep relaxation and clarity of mind. According to Sensor Tower, Synctuition made it to the Top 5 Meditation Apps in the United States. 

This achievement is another step of the incredible journey that started just over a year ago in early 2019. Ever since then, Synctuition was chosen by Google as one of the top 10 European fastest-growing companies in gaming and entertainment and was downloaded over 3 million times worldwide. Most amazingly, millions of customers have embraced positivity, better sleep, less stress, and inner harmony by meditating with Synctuition regularly. They have shared their experiences in thousands of reviews of meditation journeys inside the app.  

Synctuition’s mission is to make mental health more accessible to everyone. Our program combines the best of technology with the ancient practice of meditation. Each audio journey contains 3D sounds, binaural beats, entrainment frequencies, ASMR sounds, and gamma waves. As you listen, your mind will enter into a deeply relaxing state. Just 25 minutes of Synctuition are enough to help you experience the same benefits as 4 hours of traditional meditation. 

The Meditation App For Challenging Times

With the unprecedented disruption caused by COVID-19, many of us are plagued by uncertainty and a constant inflow of negative news. In such times, it’s crucial to protect the mind from negativity with a combination of relaxation and mindfulness. This will help to reduce stress and maintain a strong immune system. For this reason, more and more users around the world have turned to Synctuition, making it the leading program to preserve mental health in times of struggle.

You can embrace positive change into your life by becoming part of our growing community. Or, you can give Synctuition to your loved ones!