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During these challenging times, more and more people are turning to mindfulness and mind relaxation. At Synctuition, we are fully committed to helping people to discover a window of tranquility and hope amid an increasingly uncertain world. Today, we are proud to announce that Synctuition has become the 3rd highest-grossing mindfulness app in the United States in May 2020 according to App Annie. This wonderful achievement inspires us to continue working towards making mental health more accessible to everyone in need. 

Since the early days, we envisioned a program that would help people relax, reduce stress, and sleep better. Our team of experts on mindfulness, sleep, neurology, and sound engineering worked tirelessly to make this vision a reality. The result was Synctuition, a mindfulness program like no other in the world. Many skeptical voices doubted that a self-funded app would rival the giants of the mindfulness market. Yet, we’ve always believed that combining the unparalleled quality of 3D sounds with the latest achievements in sound tech would take mind relaxation to new heights. 

The road to success is always under construction and we are fully aware that there’s a challenging journey ahead of us. But our team’s passion and work ethic knows no boundaries and makes everything possible. And, this May, we achieved what many deemed impossible. In just 1.4 years, Synctuition has become the 3rd biggest mindfulness app in the American market. This remarkable milestone inspires us to move forward full steam ahead. 

We are very proud to witness Synctuition’s impact in the United State as well as many other countries across the world. Millions have chosen our program, embracing clarity of mind and deep relaxation. Through thousands of reviews, we have read heartwarming stories of mental clarity and self-discovery made possible with our program’s help. 


Why We Need Clarity of Mind Now More than Ever

Due to the current health crisis, many people are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety worrying about their jobs, their health, the health of their loved ones, and what the future will entail. On top of this, the lockdown measures and social distancing rules pose another major challenge. Experts estimate that the COVID-19 crisis will have long-lasting effects when it comes to mental health.  For example, the widespread stress, prolonged isolation, and personal losses are expected to cause a huge spike in depression. 

At these most trying of all times, cultivating good mental health is essential. In the words of our CTO and co-founder, Allan Eesmaa, “In order to deal with the challenges posed by the current situation, we need to build the kind of resilience that is only possible with optimal mental health.” Mindfulness and meditation are excellent ways to cultivate better mental wellbeing. When we are mindful, we teach ourselves to remain focused in the present moment, away from past or future worries. 

Synctuition is taking mindfulness and meditation to a whole different level by combining modern mindfulness research and ancient meditation practices with the healing powers of sound. According to scientific studies, certain sounds can boost our mental health by helping us deal with stress and anxiety. Our program also uses binaural beats in the Gamma (~40Hz) range. This special frequency facilitates the synchronization of the brain and the complete relaxation of the body. 

Synctuition becomes the 3rd biggest meditation and mindfulness app.

Synctuition: Taking Mindfulness and Meditation To New Heights 

Synctuition fuses mindfulness practices with superior sound technology. Our premium program consists of 100 beautiful sound journeys and our team is working consistently to add even more journeys as part of the upcoming Level 5 release. Each journey contains mesmerizing 3D sounds from nature, binaural beats, Gamma waves, entrainment frequencies, and personalized frequencies to bring listeners to a mental spa, where they can gain the clarity of mind needed to deal with stress and negative thoughts. 

One of our listeners, Amy M, shared her experience with Synctuition. She writes: “I am experiencing a re-wiring of the old mental tapes – some were self-deprecating or negative thought patterns. Synctuition is helping me trade up for new ones that are healthier, progressive, and forward-facing. I look forward to continuing to align more with the calm, beautiful, and inspiring sessions. It’s always time to stretch and grow further — now more than ever with Covid and economic uncertainties.” 

Another listener, Innana, reflected on the positive difference Synctuition has made, writing: “When this whole stay at home order went into effect and everything changed I had the worst time sleeping or even getting to sleep. I’d lay there wide awake for hours. Or, I’d finally fall asleep, begin tossing and waking up every hour or two…When I downloaded Synctuition I finally got some much-needed rest…Every time I use this new app I get a full night’s rest and wake up feeling amazing!

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Become Part of Our Global Community  

Becoming the 3rd biggest mindfulness app is just the beginning! At Synctuition, we believe that building mental resilience will help many people deal with the current crisis and prepare for any challenges on the way. For this reason, we hope to reach as many people as possible regardless of borders. By joining our global community or sharing our program with your loved ones, you will welcome balanced mental health and positive change into your life. Today, we would like to invite you to build inner resilience by tapping into the amazing power of the mind. Emerge stronger, happier, and more confident from this crisis!