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The good news keeps coming! We are happy to announce that Synctuition has teamed up with Alium NFT Marketplace. Together, we will release a limited edition of a brand new spatial audio meditation journey. This 3D sound journey is not available anywhere else!

What is an NFT? 

Let’s address the elephant in the room. What is an NFT?  It is, basically, a collective digital asset that holds value as an art or culture form, or as cryptocurrency. The name itself, NFT, stands for non-fungible-token. In other words, it’s a digital token that is a type of cryptocurrency. But, unlike bitcoin or Ethereum, an NFT can’t be exchanged like-for-like (that’s why it is non-fungible!).

And what’s so special about it? Well, an NFT file stores additional information, elevating it to above pure currency. There are lots of types of NFT, but they can be a piece of digital art or music. Essentially, anything that is valuable and can be stored digitally. Just think about them as any other painting or album you would collect. The only difference is that, instead of a physical format, you will get a png file, for example. 

With the popularity of NFTs soaring, especially amongst the youth, it’s important to use this format. We believe that it will help us increase awareness of mental health during these challenging times. What’s more, it will allow true Synctuition lovers to own a part of our program’s unique DNA. 

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New and exciting content 

We are passionate about creating engaging and highly immersive soundscapes to promote deep relaxation and mindfulness. To date, our program offers over 120 sound journeys available in spatial audio. Our innovation has been recognized across the world. Most recently, Synctuition became the largest based mindfulness and meditation app in Europe! But it’s not only about accolades. Our wonderful community loves Synctuition and our journeys have been streamed over 100 million minutes! 

Ever since the app’s launch, one of the most common requests has been to create unique mindfulness content for others. Something that they can use within their own apps or that is completely unique to them. While we focus all of our energy on creating new and exciting content for our listeners through the Synctuition app, we wanted to take this opportunity to craft one unique journey. This journey uses sounds from our ever-expanding library of spatial audio sounds and top musicians. 

We decided to release it exclusively as an NFT with our partners at Alium NFT Marketplace, who have vast experience launching next-generation NFT products. The journey will include all the elements that made Synctuition’s sound so famous – binaural gamma waves, spatial audio making an epic 3D soundscape. This will be the only time ever that you can truly own a piece of Synctuition’s musical art history. While more details will become available soon, we can reveal that there will be a very limited amount of NFTs available.

We hope that through this partnership we can start a larger conversation around mental health in the online community and raise awareness for this incredibly important issue. Stay tuned for more information!