The good news keeps coming! Synctuition remains fully committed to our mission of providing mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness to everyone regardless of borders. Our team is very pleased to announce that our app has gained active users in 223 locations worldwide. Even more and more customers are experiencing the kind of positive change that comes with deep relaxation and clarity of mind. 

Since the app’s official launch back in 2019, Synctuition has earned a spot in the hearts of millions of users in nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Estonia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, and many others. Now, the Synctuition team is happy to bring the program to users in more locations than ever before. 

Synctuition has reached 111 additional locations, including remote places such as the Antarctic, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Cabo Verde amongst others. Our goal is to provide every single person with an unparalleled and highly accessible tool to build their inner resilience and clarity of mind so they can better cope with everyday life’s stressors and challenges.

Synctuition available now in 223 location worldwide!

The First Mindfulness App With Binaural Beats

By combining cutting-edge sound technology and mindfulness practices, Synctuition has become the first mindfulness meditation program with binaural beats. This is the result of ten years of hard work by a select group of sound engineers and mindfulness experts. Together, they traveled to over 2000 locations to record the most beautiful sounds that work best to relax the mind.

The result was a program with over 100 audio journeys. Each journey contains 3D nature sounds, ASMR sounds, binaural beats, and entrainment frequencies. This outstanding mix promotes deep relaxation, better sleep, motivation, happiness, and intuitive thinking.

During its trajectory, the Synctuition has won several accolades including a Gold certification by the 2020 IT Awards. Nowadays, over 3 million users listen to our sound journeys on a daily basis. Beyond the numbers, we are grateful for the opportunity to be making a positive difference in the future of mental wellness. 

Experience the positive benefits of deep relaxation by joining the Synctuition community today!