It’s a day to celebrate and we would like to share the good news with you. The latest Synctuition app update got a spotlight in the AppStore. The program is trending in all sorts of places and touching the hearts of people in Spain, Italy, Belgium, the UK, and many others. Such an achievement wouldn’t be possible without the support of our loving community. 

Shortly after the biggest app release of the year, Apple’s AppStore gave us a huge surprise by featuring Synctuition in no less than 15 countries. The AppStore’s editors love the app as much as you do and are recommending it to users in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Romania, Croatia, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Greece, and Hungary. But that’s not all! Our app is trending in Great Britain and Ireland, making it to the Hot Right Now list.  

With our newest update, we are proud to present brand new features that will take your Synctuition experience to new heights. If you love the color black or are a nocturnal meditator, you can now switch to Dark Mode. And, if you are eager to immerse yourself in the 3D sounds straight away, you can skip the journey’s introduction. This is just a sneak peek of all that is new in our app. If you wish to find out more, make sure to download the latest version. 

A loving international community 

We are forever grateful for the wonderful users and meditators that form part of our community. Every day, we read incredible stories about positive change and personal development. Here are some of the amazing experiences our users share through thousands of app reviews: 

“If you have a difficult time clearing away all of the stresses in life that our culture currently bombards us with. You definitely would benefit from using Synctuition… It helps me truly rest my mind. I’ve noticed an increased ability to think with clarity and objectivity. The music arrangements have been getting better as I advance.” 

“This has been the only program that has worked for me. Negative mental programming has always controlled my life delivering the most undesirable circumstances. Just in the few days, I was able to use Synctuition my anxiety has gone down dramatically and I felt relaxed leaving the house and going into places with crowds. I’ve also been able to sleep through the night when normally I would get about four to five inconsistent hours a night. I would definitely recommend anyone who needs a way to get a little peace in their day.” 

If you are loving your Synctuition journey, please share the love by writing a review via the AppStore or by recommending us to your friends and family. 

On our way up to the top 

All this support is making a positive impact and helping us spread the Gift of deep relaxation during stressful and uncertain times. Not long ago, Synctuition reached an important milestone with active users in 223 locations worldwide including the Antarctic. Earlier this year, our program was also recognized for its excellence. We had the honor of being chosen as the Gold Winner in the category of Products & Services for Healthcare in the IT World Awards’ 2020 edition.

If you are looking for a way to relax and get clarity of mind during stressful times, Synctuition is here for you. Join millions of people who are experiencing deep mind-body relaxation, better sleep, greater motivation, superior intuitive awareness, and many other life-changing benefits.